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  1. We were on the Eclipse in Alaska in June. This was our first time where Luminae was an option, although definitely not our first suite. The Luminae experience over-all was excellent, food quite good. We do not feel that spending $50 or so per person to dine in any of the specialty restaurants was worth it. When we go out for dinner at home, at our typical high end restaurant in the NY Metro area, other than at the tip steak houses, dinner entrees are in the $30-$35 range, Appetizers $15-$20, and although you get 3 courses in a specialty restaurant, we rarely have 3 courses per person at home,
  2. We don't really want to book an excursion in Juneau, but would like to have someone to take us around to the highlights, Mendenhall Glacier, Douglas Island, places like that. When we have been on other cruise ships, the Caribbean, Belize, the west coast of Mexico, we have always found people like that. Am I being optimistic thinking we can do it this way? If anyone has contact with someone like that, would love to get a recommendation too.
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