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  1. Obviously you have not tried my time dining on the GOS. You get the same waiter every night on GOS, it is a smaller ship. But they will serve you on your schedule and you can take as much or little time to eat as you need, and they will customize whatever you need.
  2. can not imagine my beast in main dining! but would love to bring him along if they set up a good area to pee
  3. Just got off GOS - choose My Time Dining and the staff will get you whatever you need. They waiters are outstanding and they will do anything they can for you. Just make sure you get the My Time Dining. If Desmond is still there he was absolutely wonderful. Tell them what you need the first night and they will make sure it happens every night.
  4. the casino is hazy with smoke, it drives away the nonsmokers.
  5. My guess is that they pick back to back cruisers because you are not going through customs in that port, but the other travelers who are leaving the ship will go through customs off the ship. So in theory a btb traveler could have picked up contraband and brought it on the ship. They probably have some criteria for randomness, like searching btb travelers in even numbered rooms or something like that.
  6. I was hoping for something exciting and unique, but it was just junk with their logo on it. Maybe they are going to put a price list in the cabin for every item in the cabin like Viking does.
  7. you are joking, right? Lots of folks are happily cruising in their 80s!!! I hope OP had trip insurance. You should never cruise without it.
  8. this is why I dont bring valuable jewelry with me. too risky
  9. This whole keeping track of the towel thing seems so petty. Other cruises I have been on just left them on the pool deck in shelves,or better yet, put them on the individual chairs. Going on Silver Sea this summer and apparently an attendant waits by the pool to hand you towels as you exit. Might just bring my own darn beach towels on Royal to avoid the trauma and drama.
  10. We will be on Grandeur March 22. First time on her, but will let the forums know if things are new..
  11. and this is exactly the appeal of Coco Cay. You are on a private island and the cruise company can control the access to keep the island safe, no drug dealers approaching you on the beach etc. This is why it not being ready, and ships being rerouted is a big deal.
  12. I think the issue is that weather, political climate, facilities in foreign ports are out of the cruise line control, but Coco Cay is in the control of Royal. They knew well ahead of time that they were not going to be done but are waiting until the last minute to tell the customers, and then booking less desirable ports instead
  13. I was referring to the State Department issued report you can find here. It has NOT be rescinded. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/traveladvisories/traveladvisories/the-bahamas-travel-advisory.html
  14. We did not know that the ship would be coming out of dry dock, they don't tell you this when you book. I was on the 2nd sailing for Viking Orion and while there were some small issues (coffee makers not yet installed in rooms, staff confused that Americans want COLD water in 90 degree heat) I found that to be very pleasant and the ship to be so beautifully clean that it was well worth it.
  15. The state department has issued warnings about the Bahamas, it surely will not be as safe as coco cay. Specifically mentioned that it is not safe to rent jet skis from locals (one of the activities we are looking to at coco cay because it will be safe to do there)How did you find out you won't be going? My cruise planner for a March 22 cruise still shows it, wondering if I will get a change notice. Since I booked through a TA they may send it to her, and she will be out of town next week.
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