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  1. The porthole cabins the most forward often feel (and are) smaller because of the hull curvature. Best to get one as far aft (but still in the forward part of the ship) as possible. Main deck can be better than A deck because the curvature is less.
  2. For a long cruise, it is a good idea to Plastic Wrap the toilet bowl to slow down evaporation of the water. Also we put something over the shower drain to cover it up.
  3. Spend time finding as much as you can about all the ports you will be visiting: the history of the country and the port, the languages, the political situation, the geography, and things to do.
  4. If I were the OP, at this point I would like to hear from someone who has actually stayed in cabin 2556 !
  5. Sorry, you are right and my grammar was wrong. I should have added the word "above" to my first sentence.
  6. The Main Deck cabin does have cabins above but also the walking promenade. Potentially could be noisy but our experience not a problem. Other inputs?
  7. Not only can you book private tours, you can go off the ship on your own and poke around or take a tour with a local. Just be careful how you fill out the US government form, it is a little tricky (like the way HAL's wording makes you think you need to take a HAL tour). We just walked off the ship on a HAL cruise in December. Tom
  8. We recently got an upsell offer exactly 15 days before our sail date, so you can hope you may get one yet. Our offer was good, but we did not take it, as we were happy with our cabin.
  9. Roy, we have enjoyed your postings about the S America Grand Cruise. Besides being entertaining, it helps us prepare for the 2020 World Cruise on Amsterdam which includes S America and Antarctic. Thank you ! Tom and Jerie
  10. Scrapnana, thanks for all your postings. We enjoyed following along and getting lots of information on many of the ports on our 2020 HAL World Cruise. Tom and Jerie
  11. Thanks for your informative thread, we enjoy it every day ! Your description of Borobudur Temple inspired me to google for more info. It is an incredible story. I did find one thing to correct, maybe it was a typo: the discovery was in 1814 not 1914. Keep on posting and enjoy the cruise. We are joining the cruise in Barcelona. Tom and Jerie
  12. A great quotation to think about while cruising ! And another by Lao Tzu which could also be relevant to cruising: "He (referring to The Master) is ready to use all situations and doesn't waste anything."
  13. If a drydock is coming up, check again. When we boarded the Rotterdam in January, we found that the laundromats had been removed.
  14. Congratulations on getting the same cabin for both cruises ! And I totally don't understand how you got the assignments so early, but you might as well just enjoy the certitude. One less thing to think about.
  15. Thanks for posting ! We will be in the Caribbean then on NCL Pearl, looking for it.
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