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  1. Yes we're also on the Freedom. It'd be great if you decided on it, we'd be closer to the 10 person minimum! 😊 (Right now I just have me, my husband and our 2 kids signed up, but my parents are also booked on the cruise and hopefully they'll be able to join us too, health allowing).
  2. Thanks, this tour looks great (somehow I missed this one when looking before)! We've made a tentative reservation with them (for Apr 24), now we just need more people to sign up so that it'll actually go. Fingers crossed.
  3. z4ltw, I haven't ended up booking anything yet - our quote from Bateau Mygo was $750 Monohull/$900 Catamaran (2-4 adults + 2 kids) and I've been trying to decide whether it's worth it for me or if I should just find a nice beach to taxi to instead. We cruise in April, so I have some time to decide still.
  4. Thanks, this is very helpful! Looks like our best bet is a private charter, but I'd prefer a cat and not a sailboat or powerboat, and of course those are the most expensive... I guess I need to recruit more people :-).
  5. I just wanted to make it clear that I'm not trying to get around any safety age minimums, it just seems odd that they have one for just a catamaran ride - we haven't encountered this in any of our previous ports. I would call RCI directly and inquire about whether it's a mistake but we all know that their customer service people don't know these kinds of details 🙂
  6. Thanks. I've looked into all of these and they either include a land portion that I don't want, are only offered certain days of the week (we'll be there on a Wednesday), or are completely private charters. I'll check out the pricing for the private charters but I'm going to guess it'll be out of my budget. I wish I could find out who runs the "Coastal Cruise to the Pitons" so that I could contact them directly and find out if the age minimum is their rule or Royal Caribbean's.
  7. Hi, I'm trying to find out if any of the tour operators offer a simple catamaran tour to the Pitons, with maybe a beach or snorkeling stop along the way. We were in St Lucia last year and used Spencer to see the mudbaths and waterfalls, but the rain moved in before we could really enjoy seeing the Pitons, so that's the only part I'm interested in repeating. I see the Royal Caribbean sponsored "Coastal Cruise to the Pitons" seems to be almost exactly what I want, but I can't book that because the minimum age is 3 and we have a 2 year old in our group. Does anyone have any other recommendations? A Google search hasn't turned anything up for me :-\. Thanks.
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