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  1. Our experience so far. We always do early seating dinner. We are dressed and ready well before dinner and we go to whatever bar we prefer at that time for our 3 drinks. Typically the British pub if that is what is on our ship. We go and have our early dinner and then head to the diamond lounge. At this point, about an hour before late seating, we typically find the diamond lounge empty for about an hour and have great service and get our fill for the evening. When the lounge opens, it is packed, but the last hour is mostly vacant from our experience.
  2. Thanks. I will remember that in the future. It is a shame that I have to leave the Royal sight to get such a simple answer. Oh well.
  3. For the life of me I can not find my itinerary on the RC website in my booked cruises. I know the stops and the days, but I remember from the past a page that would show port arrival and departure times. Thanks in advance.
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