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  1. We hear a lot about Mama Lee, but every cruise we are on we see Pauline Hoff as a 400+ Milestone on the slide shows. But never heard anything about her. Got us curious, who is she? Does she still cruise? What is/was her story?
  2. Yikes, maybe it was bad weather or I completely blocked out the outside muster. We have 3 segments in November on Symphony will we have to Muster 3 times.
  3. I don't remember going outside for Muster at all on Symphony. As I said I only went once but I feel like I would have remembered that. Was/is there maybe some stations that are in doors on Symphony?
  4. Por que? I liked the old way better. Who likes standing?
  5. Sailed on Serenity 5-6 times and only Symphony once. Everytime we sailed they made us bring our life jackets and had the muster drill inside movie theatre or lounge. Boarded Symphony today and we were told muster would be outside and don't bring your life jackets. Is this new? Or a Symphony only policy that I managed to block out last trip?
  6. You have the restaurant times? Want to see if Chops/Jamie's was open for lunch and which days
  7. Looking to book my first ever NCL cruise. I typically book Royal Exclusively... I am looking at the Free Bev Package and Free Wifi Promo but it says 250 Minutes. That is confusing, how do the minutes work? Do you have to log in, use the internet then log out? Or does the 250 run continously and that's it? Thanks
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