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  1. Seven days and counting. Wait....no concrete? No throngs of hipsters wanting a casino, 40 bars, waterslides, yada yada yada? Just a small family run beach hangout with friendly folks, great food, a great bar, warm breeze and water.... well sign me up
  2. Good question. In this case they say “green” due to the front end carbon footprint. That of course has its own issues with large commercial farming etc. I pay attention to this as I work in the hospitality world and it matters to my guests. But I also remember corn based “Plastic” utensils and them being compostable....only to find out they were not. Now, like this bio plastic, it can be but only in large commercial composters that can reach a required heat which in turn begs the question of how and where does that exhaust go, and whats in it. At least we are finally trying to move the gauge in the right direction
  3. The cap is actually made from sugarcane, its a sustainable source for “plastic” as it simply gets grown, converted to ethanol, and into “green plastic”. Still cant be composted however.
  4. Fair enough. Being ex military...I’m actually peeved this hasn’t happened long before now. Paranoid for sure, but that be me. Happy cruising amigo! Hope you won’t be cruising next January and will be able to watch the NHL Winter Classic!
  5. Idle curiosity.....why not spent three minutes to be sure? Debate all you want about the why, contemplate the if, point to the “it hasn’t”, but a simple 3-5 minute call takes all that away. I was standing in the security cue at Logan once upon a time not too long ago and watched someone lose it when denied access with a non real ID, while his wife kept saying I told you! I guess my question for you is: if NCL is telling you to do it this way, why not do it, more importantly, why do you seem to advise others to follow your lead?
  6. Because I see your name... ever have a birth aft under the flight deck? loved the pitch on good ole CG30 when the screws would leave the water....never felt such a shake, includin SoCal earth quakes
  7. Trust me buddy, mate....grrrrrr, rabble, rabble, rabble grrrrrr
  8. Pages and pages on CC about the “missing” scavenger of the sea, bottom feeding lobster. Yet not one about the lack of BBQ rat, the land version of the same animal?? Go figure
  9. At check in there will be a Latitudes Member line, a Platinum and above line, and a "Check In" line. In my experience, we take the shortest line of the Latitudes and basic line, last two cruises the basic check in line was shorter. All latitudes members not specifically outlined in GADave's post above get the group number card and await your number to be called to board. Perfect time to chill and watch the throngs of peeps.
  10. All the eggs are "real eggs" The liquid eggs used to make scrambled eggs are all real eggs, mechanically shelled and blended. Some will have milk added to them prior to shipping, others not. They are then pasteurized for food safety and citric acid is added so they wont turn green when held hot. Depending on the brand they may even be "cage free". I have even noticed that the shell eggs have been pasteurized as well, at least on the Dawn last year. If you look when you order your over easy eggs and see the albumin is slightly opaque, or milky, that egg has been pasteurized in the shell. It's a nice added food safety measure given the sheer number of eggs prepared every day on cruise ships.
  11. Last January on Dawn we departed from Pan American. When we returned we tied to a pier directly across from PA. Sorry I forget the name. When I called our car service he knew where we were, told us it happened often. Just be aware if that is what you are trying to do. Ditto on the stevedores, the port employees struggled with embarkation as well. But it was sunny and warm so it was what it was
  12. Being an "on land" hospitality operator that does events weekly, some of which "simply insist" providing their own wine, I can tell you $15 is cheap for a cork fee, I won't let it on property for less then $25 per bottle. My license, my risk, my sales, my rules. Can't say for sure how NCL handles liquor licensing, or risk assessment but I sure look at it and I am not going to let a bottle come through the door that I get zero revenue off and still need to pay the overhead on...and not know exactly how much is being consumed and leave my staff to figure it out in a sue happy society. Point is, there is more to it than simply sales of a bottle of wine
  13. Nah, just a wee bit o trollin of the finer peeps.
  14. "Gen Pop", "I'm Platinum, "I'll be Platinum Plus", "I only sail in the Haven".... This thread reads like a script for Thurston Howell III. Jeeves, do grab my slippers, the unwashed have walked on the pool deck before thee... pfft
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