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  1. We were thinking if getting the soda package for my sister who will cruising with us, but I've been looking harder at the refreshment package. I'm trying to decide if we would drink enough to make it worth it. We've only been on one other cruise (4 day) and did not purchase any packages, just brought and refilled our own bottles and used the crystal light additive. Having said that, this cruise is a 7 day (Oasis in May), and since we don't drink alcohol the refreshment package would be the one to get. Since I don't have experience with drink prices on board, what would I be looking at to break even? If say, I got a coffee, 2-3 bottles of water and 1-2 NA cocktails a day, is that "enough"? Isn't there coffee of some sort available that is included already? Sent from my XT1585 using Forums mobile app
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