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  1. Go to first page of this board and click on "Everything Norwegian Joys Westernization" and there are about 30 pages of a thousand posts with hundreds of pictures and videos, it has been the most active post on here the last few weeks. The entire week everyone was on the ship they kept posting pictures and videos.
  2. We have been fortunate to get the Vibe passes each time we have tried, we have had to make sure to aim directly to Headliners/Guest Services but were never "those people" that run and push to get there, the weirdest thing about it is with all the people going crazy to get the passes there is never more than about 10 other people there and normally it is the same people each time. The only thing I can imagine is multiple Haven guests go ahead and just get the Vibe just so they have access but never actually use it.
  3. We have been fortunate to get the Vibe pass most cruises and each time we cruise we meet multiple people in the Vibe that are staying in the Haven. (Seems like 60-70% of who we have met)
  4. Does “so” stand for significant other? If so that is a bit weird!
  5. I know you might find this hard to believe but that is actually the reason of the entire ship! Most successful businesses seek out to make money.
  6. First cruise I ever took was on Carnival many years ago and I witnessed at least a dozen altercations/fights and the sewage pumps reversed and it came through my shower while I was showering and through the sink and I swore I would never go on a cruise again. Many years later I was talked in to it and was told that since it was just a 5 days cruise out of California it was a party cruise and it is normally not like that so I gave it another try and took another Carnival cruise out of Florida and although the ship was much nicer and had no sewage issue I did witness 3 full on group fights at different times and different people about 10 vs 10 each time. After this I swore off cruising until I was talked in to it again but on NCL, I sailed on the Getaway on its second sailing and it was absolutely amazing, at that time they did not offer the alcohol package as a perk and we were not able to buy it because we traveled during spring break and it was not available. Between 3 of us we built up a $3,000 alcohol bill. The next year we decided to go on a cruise and we searched every cruise line besides Carnival, and NCL was the best value once they included the alcohol package (I know it is not really "free" and you pay taxes/gratuity etc. but compared to paying $1,000 less for the cruise and getting the "free" alcohol it is worth it for us to pay a little more). We now cruise once or twice per year and every time we look in to all pricing and itinerary from each cruise line and make a decision and so far for the last 6 or 7 cruises NCL has been the best overall value. It sucks you can not bring on water anymore, it sucks a few alcohol drinks we have to pay an additional dollar or two, it sucks we don't have straws (especially to stir frozen drinks), it sucks we do not get towels folded like animals. The things you mentioned are nice to have but honestly I feel most people that you call "loyal/cheerleaders" look at the overall package value of what they are going to do and make the best educated decision of which cruise to go on. (approx. $25.00 to buy water onboard/$10.00 reusable straw/extra $15.00 per cruise for add on drink cost/$50.00 extra cash tip to steward on first day to get towel animals and amazing service). So 90% of the complaints people have can be cured for $100.00!, If you are going to pay $4,000/$6,000 for a cruise I find it hard to complain about $100 more. (here again is when you add up the value of all the other cruise lines also to see if you add the extra $100 if it is still a good value or not). Example: Going on Alaska cruise on Norwegian Joy next month and I could go without those things with a nice balcony and all other NCL perks for $3,520 for 3 people or I can go on Royal and get the folded animals etc for $5,740. I am sure you have heard the phrase jumping over dollars to pick up pennies... I do not feel it is worth $2,200 to get the lobster and a few other small things.
  7. Why would you put chocolate over a towel animal? That sounds pretty freaky! I guess if that is the sort of thing you are into I understand. (FYI, it will be tough to get the chocolate out of the towel in the wash)! 😉
  8. You sure you did not accidentally get in a line for an excursion? We have been there a few times (Getaway/Escape) and as soon as we get off the boat there were long lines but they were for specific excursions, if you were not waiting for one of them you could just walk around everyone and head in to town.
  9. How could you not tolerate the upcharge but you can tolerate being a Sabres fan??
  10. Completely agree, flights into Miami are normally close to double what it is to Fort Lauderdale, we cruise NCL every year and do the same thing, fly in to FLL and stay in South Beach, Only difference is we have always hired a private driver and it has always only been just slightly higher than an Uber xl and they are already waiting for us when we get there. We also have the same driver pick us up when we get off the ship and he drives us in to South Beach to have breakfast/lunch and waits for us then takes us the the FLL airport
  11. For us the taxes/additional fees are minimal compared to what you get out of it. First time we went on the Getaway was a couple weeks after it came out and at that time you were not able to even buy the drink package during Spring Break cruise and between three of us we built a $3,960 alcohol bill. We find the best way is to start the reservation and go through everything you want and whatever the final price is makes our decision. Using that method Royal has always had final total at the end for us about 30% higher, Carnival use to be about 20% lower but the last couple years it has been within a couple hundred dollars.
  12. It was kinda weird on our side, we are sailing on the Joy May 11, 2019 and we have enough airline miles we fly for free on Southwest (Las Vegas to Seattle) but for the heck of it when we were booking we clicked the free/reduced airline and the final price of our cruise went up $579.00. (It only added a small fee that it showed but when we went all the way to the final checkout is where the difference was discovered). Maybe try to rebook your trip without the airline perk and see if the overall price drops also.
  13. We always do the same thing and end up making reservations later than we would like just to make sure we are able to get in and once we get on the ship we have always been able to change them to what we want easily and we have often just did a "walk up" and have never waited more than about 5 minutes max.
  14. Good news is if you visit the "cruise next" desk before the end of the cruise you can get a special on a divorce cruise but you have to use it within1 year.
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