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  1. We did this tour through juneauwhalewatch last month and really enjoyed it. If I remember correctly there were 30-40 people on the boat. We did Mendenhall first before it got too crowded but by the time we left there were busses everywhere. The tour was $145 but we booked earlier this year and got a 15% discount.
  2. We were on the Ruby two weeks ago and were also in Victoria for the same period of time. We were on a cruise excursion from the time we got there until 10:30 ish. We were also told to have our luggage out in the hall before 11:00 but we didn’t get our luggage tags until after we left as we were using Port Valet and couldn’t be checked in for our flight until 8:00. We got it all in the hall by about 11:10. A room steward walked by about that time and we heard him say quietly to himself “ it’s too late.” That worried us a little so I went to Guest Services and were told it was fine, it was probably just too late for him. She said they would actually be picking up luggage until 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning. We didn’t see it again until we got to Dallas the next night.
  3. We’ve been on Carnival, RCCL, Princess and NCL. I think RCCL and Princess are the most similar of the four and seem to have similar demographics and cater to the same type of cruiser. They are my two favorites. If you enjoy Cafe Promenade on RCCL then you’ll also enjoy International Cafe on Princess. They’re our favorite places to hang out.
  4. We used Priceline to get a really good deal. I had originally booked a hotel close to the airport since we were arriving late. We then decided we wanted to be close to Pike Place Market and I started looking for other hotels but everything close to downtown was rediculously high, for me anyway. I ran across an Express Deal on Priceline that would be one of three Hyatt properties downtown for $159. I thought I misread it to begin with, but I did it and we ended up with Hyatt Regency. It ended up being $183 all in.
  5. My bad.....it wasn’t google maps it is the maps app on my iPad. I’m not very good with this picture stuff but I hope this works correctly.
  6. We were there two weeks ago and that picture is exactly the way it looks. I just looked at google maps and the picture has two cruise ships in the picture by the Smith Cove Cruise Terminal. You walk out of that terminal directly onto the ship using the gangway. Where the yellow circle is, is actually two breezeways that we walked under both before and after the cruise. The other circle is where we walked to meet up with our Uber. They are all parked there in the angle parking spots.
  7. The hotel was good but we were only there long enough to sleep. We got there late Friday night, walked to a restaurant to have a very late dinner and then got up early the next morning to go eat at Pike Place Market and walk around the market a little. Check in was quick and the front desk staff was very congenial. The concierge suggested a place to eat dinner and then helped us with a minivan taxi the next morning. The hotel seemed very new and was pretty quiet. Our room was big and the bed was very comfortable. I don’t know if I’ve missed this in other hotels but there was a motion activated light at the bottom of the bed side table that came on in the middle of the night when I got up to go to the restroom. And then, our cabin on the Ruby had one as well.
  8. The sign on the taxi and the taxi stand does say $40 but our fare was about $45. That may include some type of airport use fee, or maybe it was a little farther than what is considered downtown although we were staying at Hyatt Regency Downtown.
  9. We were there two weeks ago. We stayed at the Hyatt Regency downtown and there were four adults and too much luggage. We asked the concierge to get us a minivan taxi and he found us one that was there in about 15 minutes. I think the fare was around $40. We did use Uber XL to take us to the Space Needle and then another one to take us to Seatac post cruise. We used Port Valet and had no luggage on the return trip. If they drop you off the same place they pick you up, and I think they do, it is at least 1/4 mile and maybe a little more. One other thing, the Uber XLs that we used after the trip wouldn’t have been able to accommodate our luggage, if we’d had it with us.
  10. My wife and I cruised on the Ruby two weeks ago and I wrote a review for the review section on Friday afternoon. For those of you who have written a review before, how long does it take for it to show up?
  11. We cruised on Ruby Princess two weeks ago and did independent excursions in three of the four ports. There were four adults. In Juneau we did a whale watching tour and Mendenhall Glacier with Juneau Whale Watching. We’ve done the exact same tour with Orca Enterprises in the past but they’re out of business. It was a good tour although we spent too much time at Mendenhall, which was basically our fault. We met them next to the base of the Mt Roberts Tram so they were easy to find. In Skagway we rented a car from Avis and drove to Carcross, Yukon and on up to Emerald Lake. We’ve done that before as well. The cost for a full size car was a little less than $200. I tried several ways to get a discount including Costco, but nothing worked. It’s a great trip but eats up most of the day. In Ketchikan, where we had limited time, we did the Aleutian Ballad excursion. It is also offered by Princess, but we booked it independently, for I think, about $30 less, and were able to get there before the other cruisers. It’s also right by the ship so there’s no worry about getting back on time. In Victoria we only had a little over four hours so we thought it prudent to do a ship’s excursion. We did the Orca Whale Watch and enjoyed it.
  12. We cruised out of Seattle two weeks ago. There were four adults and a lot of luggage. I’ve used Uber XL before in other situations but most couldn’t carry that much luggage. We got to the taxi stand and asked the guy for a minivan and he called one in from the back of the line of taxis. I believe the fare was about $45 to the Hyatt Regency Downtown. We did use UberXL after the cruise as Port Valet had taken care of our luggage.
  13. We flew into Seatac on the 5th for our Alaska cruise. There were four of us with 8-10 pieces of luggage and some of them were pretty big. There is a person at the taxi stand helping people get taxis and we just told him we needed a minivan. He got us one immediately. UberXL in theory might work but the ones we’ve taken don’t have enough room for that much luggage.
  14. This is the email I received this morning from the Port of Seattle. Good morning, All of our cruise lines except Oceania are participating in the program as is Southwest Airlines. The times differ by ship so please check with the front desk when you board. It's typically flights on the same day after 11:30 am and before midnight. Thank you, Marie
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