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  1. I would say only a moderate amount of walking--most of it was on sidewalks and level ground--nothing I would consider strenuous. Most of my group members were in the 65-80 year old range and did not find it difficult. Dora's bus would usually drop us off near the attractions and park and then come back for us. Her assistant and the bus driver were very attentive and assisted us when stepping down from the bus. The assistant also stayed near the back of the pack and made sure everyone stayed with the group. I imagine everyone has a different opinion on what would be considered "a lot of walking"--but we found it to be a comfortable pace and no complaints about the amount of walking.
  2. Our group of 17 ladies had a lovely tour of Old Town and highlights of lovely Cartagena with Dora as our guide. Dora was prompt, thorough and professional in all of our communications prior to the trip. She provided complete instructions with a map for meeting in the port area and took great care to see that everyone was safe and enjoyed the tour. The bus was new, comfortable and air conditioned. Her driver and assistant were attentive to our group and helped everyone off and on the bus and helped keep aggressive vendors at bay. Dora's love for her country and culture come through in her narrative and she was most interesting and informative. The tour was a very pleasant mix of walking and riding on the bus with water provided, frequent rest stops and brief opportunities for shopping. We had a most enjoyable day in Cartagena and enjoyed dancing in the square to live music at our last stop for the day! We highly recommend Dora's tour!
  3. Our group of 9 ladies had a fabulous, entertaining, educational and fun-filled day with Larry as our awesome guide and Giovanni as our awesome bus driver! All correspondence with Federico was quick, complete and professional. He was patient with all my questions and provided precise instructions with a map for meeting in the port area. The well organized tour featured the highlights of the the Limon area and included a lovely visit to a fruit stand where we were given free samples and had the opportunity to purchase local produce, food, drinks, and coffee to take home for souvenirs. We also walked through a lovely banana plantation, saw monkeys, sloths and a wide variety of birds on the Tortuguero Canal. Our boat driver and Larry were great at spotting wildlife and maneuvered the boat so that all could have a good view and take photos. We also enjoyed a stop at Playa Bonita where we enjoyed mojitos, margaritas and local beers. Some took a brief swim but most just walked along the lovely beach. We had frequent rest stops and several opportunities for brief souvenir shopping. It was a perfect day in lovely Limon thanks to our Guide Larry who made sure everyone was safe and had a good time. Larry was everything we like to see in a guide: informative, entertaining, attentive and well organized. And as an added bonus he was funny and he could sing! If you are wondering what you should do while in Limon, now you know! Relax Day Tours!
  4. Thanks to all for the info and links! Cruise Critic folks are the BEST!
  5. If anyone is currently on the Ruby or has photos of balconies (especially on Caribe deck) I would appreciate any information you could share. My group has been cruising with Princess for 20 plus years, and although we love the newer ships, we really miss the larger balconies on the older ships. We always have the steward open the connecting balcony doors and enjoy having a "balcony row". The newer balconies are so narrow, it is difficult to move from one to the next so we are thinking of booking the Ruby, one of the older ships for next year. I am having a difficult time locating specific info on balcony sizes for the Ruby Caribe deck. One Princess deck plan stated size as 45-90 sq ft --That's quite a large range! I also checked the template for ship staterooms compiled here on CC, but while it has a lot of useful info, so many people described their Ruby balconies as adequate, normal or standard so that information wasn't very helpful. TIA for your help.
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