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  1. Susan...do yourself a favor and rent a scooter...the knee roller is not going to make it on the ship...its too big and difficult (recently on board with a ruptured Achilles and a large boot). Make sure you call and ask for a shower chair and request a dining table in the front of the dining room...you don’t want to be limping thru all those tables (because your scooter will have to stay outside) E
  2. Go for the Havana interior...you won’t regret it (I personally didn’t feel the Havana balcony was worth it...we rarely saw anyone sitting on theirs, us included...everyone was in the back so an interior is just fine)
  3. Thanks...I did watch the YouTube videos but with recent storms I was afraid they would have been destroyed.
  4. Thanks carib1...yes, I bought a boot that you can specifically swim in (knowing I was going on this cruise). The surgeon thought I was a little insane, especially when I said “but kobe Bryant wore this boot”...I’m a 60 yr old lady, not an nba player—but I’m worth it!
  5. I am in a group that has the oasis cabana booked for the day. I’m In a boot...need to know if I’ll be able to climb out of the water. Stairs I can handle...a ladder is a no go. Has anyone been recently? Thanks in advance for your help...
  6. Insulin is good out of the refrigerator for 28 days
  7. They restock...don’t get too excited-nothing special...I still bring my own
  8. Anyone know the abbreviation for the recently renamed sunrise? And another question...I know someone traveling who does not speak English...can she request a polish speaking waiter? thanks in advance
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