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  1. I guarantee you employees don't pay this much for cruises.
  2. My December cruise still says August 5th even though I haven’t paid. I also think it’s crazy that the final payment date for my January cruise will have to be paid before my December one.
  3. I’m surprised they have 400 million in future bookings that aren’t FCC
  4. I took the FCC back in March because I already had a Haven room booked for Jan 2021 that I could apply the FCC to. Back in March it seemed reasonable that cruises would resume by then but now it seems very doubtful. That same room to book now is almost $5000 more. I think anyone that’s decided to take FCC and rebooked a cruise and that rebooked cruise also gets cancelled should have the option of cash refund.
  5. I had a march cruise cancelled and my email says that the credits apply to all sailings up to Dec 2022
  6. I'm not really sure what you're trying to say here.
  7. It looks like there are 5 sailings in Mar 2021 with kids sail free. Nothing for Jan, Feb. You can apply advanced filters and search by kids sail free.
  8. I think unless you specify a certain brand of alcohol that is over the limit you shouldn't have a problem. They've asked me what my favourite liquor is a few times and just made up something up with that. They also have a few ingredients that aren't at any other bars.
  9. I'm able to do mock bookings for 2020
  10. https://www.ncl.com/sites/default/files/premium-beverage-package-2019.pdf This is the standard package.
  11. https://www.ncl.com/sites/default/files/premium-plus-beverage-package-2020.pdf
  12. It’s the daily service charge that is covered for guests 1 and 2 only. If you choose beverage package or dining package you still are required to pay gratuities on those packages.
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