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  1. They must be struggling to sell the short cruises the next couple months. Some of them are cheaper than the cruise deposit itself. I also got an email a couple days ago that they reinstated an expired cruise next of mine.
  2. Doesn’t the air promo include transfers from airport to the ship?
  3. I will say in my experience when the bartenders free poured the drinks they were already quite heavy usually. I’ve had bartenders measure out the shot sometimes too though.
  4. You still have to pay to bring each bottle of wine on board. There's no reason to bring wine to dinner in a tall glass, NCL will store your wine for you and the server will retrieve it for you at dinner.
  5. I'd just like to add that if you want to buy the beverage package for the third person in the room it looks like you'll have to call in to do it. I tried to add it for the third person on my booking and the website automatically adds it to all guest. I really wish the website would allow you to do more things properly, would cut down on a good number of phone calls to NCL I would think.
  6. The deluxe water skiing package with speakers installed on the lifeboats will run you about $299 plus 20% gratuity.
  7. It’s gonna get real intimate real fast with 300 of your new friends when they just plop a bucket down in the center of the lifeboats.
  8. I agree. I think they should scrap the current program and instead give Platinum and above a nice bottle of wine in their room instead.
  9. The megaships have closer to 6000 onboard when you count crew as well.
  10. The youtube video is dated 2016, so I don't think there's anything new here.
  11. I called them last Sunday at 1:00 pm. Took 12 minutes total. Try again another day.
  12. Platinum and above get free internet minutes with no purchase required, below platinum the free minutes come with purchased internet packages.
  13. I would love for NCL to show me a cruise I can get for £15 a day!
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