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  1. Why did they tender on Harvest Caye? Was there another ship there at the time? Are they doing work on the dock?
  2. I think it’s pretty normal. I had a friend book a cruise for us and I had to manually add it onto myNCL page with the reservation number.
  3. The $250 deposit also keeps it matched up with their cruise next deposits.
  4. You are grandfathered in to the old point tier system.
  5. Yeah I know. I was just being sarcastic.
  6. I don’t believe it. All my cruises I’ve been looking at are the same price as they were during their “biggest sale of the decade”.
  7. There’s a reason these rules exist. When you enter into a Country with your passport you are allowed to stay in that Country for x number of days. Your passport has to be valid for that amount of time in case you choose not to leave or can’t leave.
  8. The people that kept their original perks were probably because they cruise line was still offering the same perks at the time of price reduction.
  9. I’m assuming part of the port fees and taxes go towards things at embarkation port too. Security, customs, baggage handlers, pilot boats.
  10. What? I’m talking about the website saying I can cruise from $796 when the cheapest available price is actually $1255
  11. Nearly every cruise I look at has a $4-500 price difference.
  12. The cost of the dining package increased pretty recently (making the 20% gratuity higher). I don’t think the beverage package has. Depends how long ago you booked.
  13. The 20% off latitudes sale has been going on for months. I booked a cruise in July with that promo.
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