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  1. So I just did a mock booking logged into my account and one not logged into my account. The 20% off only applies to guest 1 and it's only off of the base fare. What a crap deal.
  2. Is there any advantage to the deluxe owners suite over the aft with large balcony aside from being in the Haven proper? Sailing on the Getaway and according to the website the aft penthouse is 2-300 sq feet larger both in room size and balcony size but the DOS was $2000 more in price.
  3. I have a cruise booked for January next year that was booked a while ago. I’m gonna take my FCC and apply it to that. I’m not booking a new one at these rates. I’ll look for some last minute bargains in the fall or December though.
  4. I had to cancel flights and get future credit. But I have to wonder if these flights would have even happened to begin with. Might have been better to let them cancel on me and get a full refund.
  5. I know these sales people are having a tough time right now but don’t lie to people. It had me seriously thinking NCL lowered the time limit available to redeem cruise next certificates.
  6. Got an amusing sales call from NCL last night. The agent told me I had some Cruise Next that will be expiring soon. Gave me a little bit of a worry so I double checked online. They expire in December 2023.
  7. I had a cruise booked under that promo as well. This doesn't appear to be the same thing.
  8. Anybody have a qualifying cruise booked in this time frame where it actually gave a discount? The cruise I have booked in January says it's a qualifying cruise but the price is the exact same.
  9. I hope I'm wrong on this but I think the ships are going to be out of commission for more than 30 days.
  10. Maybe they'll just anchor the majority of the ships somewhere?
  11. Tell that to the people they deboarded from the Sky this afternoon.
  12. It may be in bad taste. But what do you expect these call center workers to do? NCL is still selling cruises, though maybe not now, but for the time being these workers need to come to work and do their job. I'm sure many of them are living paycheck to paycheck and will most likely be out of work for months to come.
  13. Maybe they’ll have a 50% off “sale” starting tomorrow!
  14. I don’t see this happening. They need as much cash coming in as they can get right now.
  15. Tuesday is When their peace of mind policy comes into effect. It’ll let people cancel up to 48 hours away from departure date. It sounds like they aren’t letting anyone cancel at all now even outside of final payment.
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