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  1. Took our 4/13 on Serenade and turned it into the 6/7 Oasis and 7/29 Adventure. Basically two for the price of one. Turned disappointment into excitement as well.
  2. Aren't you just a bundle of joy. Instead of armchair quarterbacking this whole thing, how about we ride it out stop playing into the what could happen. All it is doing is causing people to panic.
  3. Radiance class will fit. Key Bridge is higher than the Sunshine Skyway Bridge in Tampa by 5 or 6 feet, and those ships get in and out of Tampa with no issue (fog not included).
  4. I switch between RCI and HHonors cards. I use the RCI card till I rack up $200-$300 OBC then switch back to HHonors and cushion my points balance with them.
  5. Was on Anthem last Thanksgiving for an 8-night. Lots of kids and families, which was to be expected. They did serve a special Thanksgiving meal in the MDR but we opted for Wonderland that night instead. The decorations did not go up the day after, which was extremely disappointing. Overall, I'd do it again in a heartbeat, because you cannot top spending Thanksgiving Day on an island.
  6. Highly disagree with this. Baltimore has one of the highest percentages of repeat guests. Travel in the winter months and there are well over 1,200 C&A guests, with usually around 500 Diamonds.
  7. Referencing my signature, 2009-2010 area lol
  8. Sad day. I love that ship. Anyone know a more specific date? I want to try to get on the last sailing. Heck I may have it booked for all I know.
  9. Glad i'm not the only one that has this problem.
  10. In what universe is Nassau and CocoCay Western Caribbean? I guess they have to pay for the island somehow.
  11. I've heard a trumpeter and a guy reading from a scroll shouting "hear ye" from the roof of the Miami office is in the works.
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