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  1. If you have never done it, it is educational and fun. We did it 2 years ago and it was $17 pp. We tasted 5 wines (about 2 oz each) plus we had a plate of fruit (I think there may have been a little chocolate or cheese also). They have you sip the wine without fruit then try again after taking a nibble of fruit to show you how food.fruit changes the taste of wine. I felt it was worth the money.
  2. Still waiting to here about our Royal Up! I put in a bid last week and we sail on Sunday. Thinking we are not getting a paid upgrade/
  3. We are staying at the Sheraton Old San Juan. No 2 night minimum. However, many hotels are already booked this close to cruise departures.
  4. They are having a Memorial Day "sale" in the cruise planner. However, many things are the same price even thought it says it the sale price and I purchased months ago.
  5. My son has stayed at kids club (Princess) last year while the 6 adults went on a dune buggy excursion. He was not old enough to participate. we made sure the rest of the excursions for that cruise included him. He loved staying behind. He was 6 years old and got to hang with the big kids (10 and 11 year olds). But I teach 5th grade so he is use to hanging with kids that age when I do after school clubs/tutoring.
  6. We received one May 21st for our June 2nd Freedom of the Seas cruise. We sailed in 9 days and still waiting to hear. We did what they consider weak bids. We have a balcony and bid on Junior suite and grand suite-1 bedroom. The extra space will come in handy since there are 3 of us (Mom, Dad and 7 year old)
  7. Thank you for a great review. We sail on Freedom June 2 on the other itinerary. Your review prompted us to buy an underwater camera. I think our 7 year will love using it while snorkeling.
  8. I am on Freedom in June 2019 and was able to grab the 3 night dining package for $60 per person. It would be great to get a credit for my 7 year old. Package is currently $69 and goes up to $79.
  9. I have booked 2 excursions for upcoming cruise and keep checking for price drops. However, my excursions are no longer showing on the cruise planner. When we went on our 1st Royal cruise 2 years ago I was able to book and rebook and prices dropped. So has RCI caught on to us canceling and rebooking and remove excursions once purchased? OR did my excursions sale out? or even worst get cancelled and I have no idea?
  10. Watch Delta prices. I was able to get 1st class tickets round trip for $800 per person from Austin to San Juan. They cycle they prices every 2 weeks on Saturday and Sundays. I purchased on tickets in February 2019 for our June 2019 trip.
  11. What is the nearest car rental near Pan American Pier? We are trying to decide if we should rent a car for the 3 days post cruise stay or take a taxi to hotel and rent a car just one day to explore the rest of the island?
  12. My 7 year son has been in kids club on sea days for the last 2 cruises. He loves the activities and hanging out with other kids. In fact he gets mad if we pick him up too early. Sometimes they even have dinner in kids club and he wants to go which allows hubby and me to have an adult dinner.
  13. Agree, I roll on my feet or wrist so you have to get up close and personal to smell it on me. I rather smell natural smell than those who over perfume.
  14. I diffuse daily in my class. My students love the smell and it helps with stinky 5th grade body odor. I have to wonder about the quality of the oils your work mates are using if it is that strong. I spend good money for pure oils and never have had a person in the hall way complain. I also tend to use more citrus in my class to help freshen the room.
  15. Some people love their essential oils and others love perfume and cologne. And some like no smell at all. I always travel with some of our favorite oils. I will have to decide if I want to pack the mini diffuser. Lavender helps my son fall asleep quickly and into a deep restful sleep.
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