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  1. Hi all, We are on cruising on the Voyager of the seas in September ( the last one before she gets a make over) I am wanting to know if there is a public laundry area that i can iron my clothes in ?? also ... Are the gym classes eg: yoga etc free or do you have to pay for ?? Thanks
  2. We are flying to Hong Kong then boarding for a cruise to Vietnam ending in Singapore on Voyager of the Seas in September, who else has done this trip? I have heard that the cities are a long way from where the ship docks - can you tell me if there are things to do if we just get off the ship and wander around eg: markets, places to see etc if we don't want to any shore tours in that city, thanks.
  3. We are cruising on Voyager of the seas in September to Vietnam my question is can you put down a Visa debit card for payment on the ship or does it have to be a credit card?
  4. We are cruising on Royal Caribbean (Voyager of the seas) do I need to take any special power adapter ? and can I take a power board with me . Thanks in advance Maggie
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