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  1. Yey, Gingercruiser! I grew up on Anglesey and have just returned home to Northamptonshire after spending a week up there visiting my parents. Sorry to butt in to the thread, but couldn’t resist 😂
  2. I’ve just realised that this whole conversation has probably not been much help because they have replaced all the furniture in the RS haven’t they? We are due to be on the 27th sailing to Canaries, but it looks as though we will be cancelling due to not being allowed to disembark independently. If we had been sailing on that cruise I could have asked the butler to show me the bed unfolded. I imagine PH and RS are similar sofa beds? Who knows now it’s all changed? 🤷‍♀️
  3. I’ve emailed my TA to ask about costs. 👍🏻
  4. That is a great idea. I will check out costs. Having never booked a cabin for single occupancy, do you have to pay double?
  5. I actually think the height of the sofa would be fine. 👍🏻
  6. Thank you Chemmo. You’re right. I’m trying to find the cheapest suite option which gives my parents a bathroom and bedroom each. The RS set up would be perfect but Dad would need to be in the sitting room as he is the earliest riser. The idea of a topper mattress is a great one. x
  7. Thank you all. To clarify, my parents would need a cabin each. we would be in a RS. I think a RS for them to share so they both have their own room and en suite is cheaper than getting them both a sky suite for solo occupancy? if the sofa bed is low then I think my older dad would maybe struggle to get himself up and out, which is a shame as he tends to be the earlier riser of the two and could have got up, made himself a drink and sat in the balcony, whereas if he is in the bedroom he would have to disturb my mum. i wondered if he could use the chair as a support to help himself up. Mind you, we’ve not been onboard since the refit so there might not be a suitable hoist! 🤷‍♀️
  8. I wonder if anyone can help? We are think of taking my parents on a short cruise next year. They will either need their own cabin or, it occurred to me, a RS which has 2 bathrooms so they would effectively both have an en suite. however, I need them both to sleep well so if anyone has slept on the sofa bed and can let me know if it’s ok, that would be marvellous.
  9. Yes, exactly. We’re not normally excursion types, preferring to explore independently. Does anyone know which cruise lines are already sailing in Europe so I can look for reviews on the forums?
  10. We have been thinking exactly the same as both of you. I’m also worried that we won’t be able to go ashore independently or even at all and as you say Chemmo, a lot of money to pay to pootle around on the sea. I think our final payment date is 19th July. We will try to extend it I think but may cancel if things are still up in the air, which I’ll be gutted about. I’m desperate to get back on board, but dreading the experience being ruined by restrictions. 🤷‍♀️
  11. Are you on the Canaries cruise, @chemmo? We are booked in the other PH plus we’re on the previous cruise. We are also wondering if these will go ahead. 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼
  12. Yes. We are sailing on her in April and September so it certainly whetted our cruising appetite! 😃
  13. Sorry, I misled you. We should have been on Apex April this year - the maiden voyage, but obviously it was cancelled. Gutted! And no Edge class ships sailing from Southampton next year. Oh well, I'm sure Edge or Apex will sail from UK soon enough. We have a very long Princess cruise booked for September. Really looking forward to that. 🥳
  14. I know, it is flipping expensive, but you can get good deals. Not that I’ve noticed any recently. The Celebrity prices have gone through the roof! Interesting To hear your thoughts on the Millennium class ships. We’ve only sailed on Silly and Eclipse so far. We’re due on Apex in April but of course was cancelled. 😭
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