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  1. This bums me out too. He was definitely full of personality. Loved his commentary/announcements. Such a fantastically dry sense of humor.
  2. I just got an upgrade acceptance at 72 days out! We were in Obstructed Oceanview, booked over a year in advance. I submitted an offer of $165 pp to go to Balcony and just received our new stateroom - B2 Family Balcony category. Considering it's a 14 day cruise and the cost to upgrade at this point would be $588 pp. I am ecstatic! Now to try and keep a secret from the family for a sweet surprise in October 🙂 This is on the Gem, Southern Caribbean route out of Boston. We are Silver in Latitudes, will be bumped into Gold after this cruise.
  3. Thanks for the review! We are excited to sail on Gem again in October. I rarely see people post about her so it's always good to hear when people have had good recent experiences!
  4. Our last upgrade was accepted 12 days before we sailed. My understanding is that most people hear about 4-5 days out if they are accepted.
  5. My family's favorites are: Wings and fajitas in O'Sheehans Lava cake in MDR's Steak at Cagney's 😆 Crepes and omelets at the buffet Poolside BBQ & Rice (might be only on the Gem)
  6. They did it on the Gem for our cruise last year. Fingers crossed Gem still does this because you're correct - some of the best food of the entire cruise! We are back on board the Gem in October 🍽️
  7. A few of our faves: Miami Vice, Mr. Worldwide, Toasted Almond, and Rebellious Fish!
  8. That is good to know for future. I was given the impression when I asked my TA about it that I needed to wait for final payment to be eligible to upgrade. Perhaps we misunderstood each other.
  9. It wasn't a sail away rate. I said OX mistakenly, but meant OK (obstructed ocean view). Sorry for the confusion. Yes, I recognize there is fine print. I guess it's on me for thinking they just upgrade you if there are cabins available. I suppose I thought with 4 months still left they would have something available to use the upgrade offer. My understanding was that you cannot use an upgrade offer until you're paid in full. Payment date was yesterday.
  10. I am so frustrated right now. I'm booked on Gem leaving Boston in October and was just told I cannot redeem my 30,000 points for a single meta upgrade because all upgrades are unavailable on this sailing (all upgrades already used up). Didn't realize this was a possibility, especially since if I do a mock booking there are a ton of cabins still available. I booked the OX category thinking we could just use the points I've been saving to upgrade after final payment. I am very disappointed. This is literally the only reason I signed up for the card in the first place. I feel like I've been bait and switched a little. Tell me - what are the benefits of having this card?? Right now it doesn't feel like much if any.😞
  11. We have never gone on such a lengthy cruise and I was hoping for some feedback. Anyone done this cruise in particular? I'm mostly curious about sea days - since there are 3 there and 3 back - would love to know activities schedule, etc. If anyone has the dailies, they'd be a lifesaver! Also was wondering if they do the cheap laundry twice or only once? I know on our 11 day they just did it once half way through. Trying to think about packing quantities, etc. Thanks in advance!
  12. Thanks for the insight! I am a newb with the SDP so just wasn't sure how it worked exactly. Appreciate the clarifications! 🙂
  13. I have never sailed with the SDP and will have 10 SDP credits for an upcoming cruise (5 each, since it is a 14 day sailing). My question is, how strict are they with making sure those credits are only used by the first two guests in a room? I ask because we would like to treat our children to Cagneys one night, and I was wondering if it's possible to just use 4 credits for that meal or if I should budget to pay out of pocket for them for that meal. Thanks in advance!
  14. Thanks, I did. So far, I haven't received much feedback there.
  15. Wondering if anyone has any experiences to share about visiting Bermuda this time of year? We are currently booked on the Escape out of NYC November 3rd to Bermuda but having some second thoughts. We love beach time and snorkeling and the more I think about it the more worried I get that we will end up disappointed with the trip...opinions and experiences greatly appreciated 🙂
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