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  1. Great review! We're on Summit the day after tomorrow and can't wait! One question if you're around in next day or so @Turtles06, did the Captain tell you before leaving that you'd be sailing past the SoL? I want to be ready to record it if we do - I'm hoping we can as it's the repo to San Juan so she's saying good bye to the NY Harbor. I'm sure I'll be able to tell by the direction we are heading, but I want to be in a good location to periscope if we do.
  2. We like a toasted almond as our night cap...what is this frozen version? Sounds like a great hot tub drink!
  3. We're going to give this a try: http://www.barrachina.com/#servicios They will store your luggage from 9am on, so we expect to take our time getting off them ship, mosey on over to OSJ, then stop off at the restaurant to leave our bags. We'll wander the area a bit, return back and have 2nd breakfast/early lunch, collect the bags and taxi to the airport for our 2:15pm flight. Since we need to be there a minimum of 2 hours for the ag screening, we'll catch a cab around 11:30-45am.
  4. It works the same way going from Royal to Celebrity - if I am Diamond Plus on RCCL I'm only Elite on Celebrity. The highest levels cannot be transferred, they must be earned.
  5. It's for security reasons, harder to break a 6 digit code than a 4 if your card is stolen. Same logic as using longer passwords.
  6. Here we can have 4 or 6. Our bank assigns us 6, and if we want 4 we need to reset it.
  7. Not sure how much this is prevalent in Spain as it is in Italy (we're making our first trip next year) but when my son studied abroad in Italy this past year he had to make sure all his pins were only 4 digits. We also got him a travel credit card to avoid foreign transaction fees.
  8. We're on the same sailing. I'm just starting to research this sailing and look at air, hotel and stuff to do!
  9. We'll be there two days before you. This is my last port where I'm trying to come up with what we want to do, as I know nothing about that part of France. Day 1 of Marseille research has begun...LOL
  10. We've sailed on both Adventure and Grandeur, and will be on Summit in October. Adventure offers you more to do; more venues - pub, etc and promenade instead of centrum. Has mini golf, ice skating. Grandeur offers you views of the ocean from everywhere, less venues but the ones they have are bigger and have views of the ocean. Has rock wall. We loved them both - but they offered us different experiences. We did Adventure with our college aged kids and their grandparents, we did Grandeur just the two of us.
  11. I don't think you'll get an answer until the amp is done. We really only know what's been mentioned in the promotional materials right now. There will still be a dedicated area, it just won't be as big. From my own teen's experiences, most of the space was always empty as the teens were out and about in other places. They rarely hung out there but instead met up other places.
  12. We love 10-12 nights. We did 12 last year on Serenade for her repo, and by day 11 we were basically in a food coma and were tired of eating. But never hit drink fatigue with that darn drink package...LOL
  13. Anyone have an idea of how many hibatchi tables there are in Izumi? Trying to plan dinner for our group one night.
  14. They finally showed up for us last night.
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