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  1. Thank you Bob. I guess we can enjoy it at least once more. :D
  2. does Liberty of the Seas still have the cigar lounge?
  3. Well, so much for that theory! Thanks Chief for explaining better. I knew it was a chiller system, but don't know enough about ship HVAC to do anything but theorize!
  4. I have a theory based on the past couple of years. I think the a/c system is programmed such that it changes to a warmer setting in the early morning hours. Say between 2 and 5 am? Did not seem to happen until a few years ago.
  5. Our "go to" breakfast spot is Myra Harbor Cafe. Good breakfast at reasonable price. We walk there and back from Hilton Marina.
  6. Opening the balcony door on Harmony takes quite a bit of effort. You must rotate the handle 180 degrees, and then pull the door open. Both take a surprising amount of strength!
  7. We fly out of Denver tomorrow, and will be joining you at the Hilton. Will keep an eye out for you in the "stinky zone" on Harmony. :eek:
  8. Junior suites pay the lower tip rate. They aren't really a suite.
  9. Yes, nice ship. We've only been on Freedom 5 times...😉
  10. The difference is, you don't get your card at check in for Harmony. You get it in your room. Prior to getting your card, you use your set sail pass. Different!:o
  11. Printed set sail passes and see nothing that identifies drink package. Since we will use the set sail pass for drinks prior to getting cards, how do they know I have a package? More curious than worried I guess :p
  12. Serious question here, not trying to be a pain. How is Uber "safer" than a taxi?
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