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  1. If you are cruising during Spring Break, the teen club tends to be very strict about age groups as there are so many kids. My last few ships there was a teen registration and wrist bands given out. They will not allow the 18 yo in the teen club as they are considered a legal adult. I do feel your pain as my DD just turned 18 a few weeks before our cruise last year and it was a tough adjustment. That being said most teens just use the teen club as a meet up area. Since your teens already have a group, they may not need it as much. They still may want to go the first night if they want as that is the meet and greet night.
  2. The teens tend to be split when there are a bunch onboard like during a school break. Going to the teen club the first night is key to have a chance making friends. There are teen only activities but some cruises many teens will participate and others not so much. There is no teen fitness center. I've seen teens in the fitness center. Try during a less busy time and make sure a parent is with her. If the staff won't allow her in, there is a large track that anyone can use.
  3. Love reading your review! YC looks incredible! So glad you and hubby are having a great time. Just caught up on the blog and still have some scopes to catch up on as I have yet to be able to be on live during a scope. Can't wait to see about the rest of the week.
  4. You need the reservation number and last name for each stateroom and then you can link it. There should be a link that says "add guests from another reservation" at the bottom after you add it to your cart. Click on that and add each reservation. You can also call but you will need the same information.
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