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  1. Hi! I did call and they said there was nothing they could do because we’re past final payment date. He said the only thing they could do is offer me an upgrade for $350 more
  2. It didn’t! Only $25 🙄. So I’d be losing $25 to get $100! Worth it! But they said they couldn’t do anything
  3. I had a “hot streak” promotion and booked us on a 5 night out of Jacksonville for $999.92. We paid it off immediately but I was able to upgrade us from an interior to an OV due to price drops. On a whim tonight I decided to check under my husbands name and the exact same cruise in the exact same cabin type (the cabin right next door to ours) is only $897.92! Has anyone else ever seen this or had any success in them giving the difference even as OBC? I’m feeling kinda dupped because I was made to feel like I got a special rate haha!
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