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  1. We are looking to just go to a beach in Cozumel so my kids can jet ski. We have looked at beaches and think Carlo's and Charlie's beach club looks good. We don't want to book an all inclusive as we will go into town to have lunch and ship. Thoughts? Any other suggestions? Thanks.
  2. Thanks for the review. In the teen club, do they serve soda, etc. One of my teenagers is wondering if they have slushies? If so, cost? Thanks.
  3. Besides the soda packahe, my kids want to know if they have slushies? If so, is there a cost? My kids are teenagers and will.be signed up for entourage program.
  4. Can you tell us if Little French Key was crowded. We have plans to go there on our cruise (less then 3 weeks away)! Were you able to get good chairs to sit and relax? Was there enough stuff to do for teenage boys? Thanks for the great review.
  5. Thanks for information. Do you know how much clothes can fit into a bag? Or what is the standard bag size. Thanks.
  6. Just under 3 weeks until we cruise on the Jewel. As I am starting my packing lists, I am wondering should I pack for the full 8 days (we are coming into Houston on Friday) or should I avail myself of laundry services? Have husband and 2 teen boys. So does anyone know the cost if I were to send out a bag of t-shirts and shorts midweek? Thanks
  7. Thanks for the heads up on $$ for games. A bit pricey so I'll have to limit. As for a gaming system, I hope my kids aren't reading this post. As it is they are sad to lose a week of gaming - their opinion.
  8. Does anyone know if there is a cost for the video arcade on the Jewel. If so, how much a game or do they do a pass? Thanks.
  9. Obviously my post was confusing. According to tje ncl rep my room has 2 udp options that I and my husband can use vs myself and son. Conversely my husband's room has the 2 udp options. He can order me the drinks. Maybe not 2 at once but one after another. If my ncl rep has steered me wrong, let me know.
  10. We booked connecting rooms on the NCL Jewel that sails in a few weeks. We had to book the rooms with 1A and 1Kid in each room (kids are 14 & 17). We were told (on the sly) that we'd need to book one room with the UBP and one with the UDP. But once we were on board my husband would buy me the drinks and I'd buy him the dinners. Same for my kids. Anyways, in the long run I still get to drink free and my husband can still dine in the specialty restaurants with no extra charge. Hope this helps.
  11. With 2 kids of my own we went with the mini-suite as it is larger then the balcony room. With many questions to NCL I found out that the family balcony room is just a balcony room but is near the kids clubs. The balcony is approx 35 sq ft for balcony room and approx 54 sq for a mini suite. The mini suite room is also approx 50ish sq ft larger. When the couch is pulled out (for both rooms) it is hard to get to the balcony. But you just pop it closed when kids wake up and you have all of your room. So, I'd say go with the bigger room as it will provide more space both in and out on the balcony. Or, purchase 2 balcony rooms with a connecting door then you have private time at night... Have a good cruise.
  12. Thanks for all the info. I am now adding games to our packing list along with magnets and an extension cord.
  13. We are cruising NCL Jewel 3/28 and have 2 teenage boys. They are more into video games vs sports, eating vs laying out in sun. Anyways, can anyone who has had teenagers on NCL JEWEL give me more information on the teen club, etc. Waiting for sunshine on 3/28 instead of being in the midwest frozen tundra.
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