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  1. I guess per the announcement they will pause at midnight and float out there for 30 days!
  2. Suspended! https://presscenter.rclcorporate.com/press-release/82/royal-caribbean-announces-voluntary-suspension-of-cruising/
  3. Reading on Twitter that trading for RCCL has been halted, probably because of a pending announcement
  4. They could also be putting a hold on anyone new getting on the ships from the crew side.
  5. Not sure if you were on the Quantum during launch, but what a miserable technological failure. Worst RCCL cruise we've ever been on! We've avoided the Anthem as well for that very reason, and it's right in our backyard. I'd rather fly to Florida. But we're taking a leap of faith next year to try the Anthem!
  6. They've always had a horrible IT department. I look at the Quantum launch which was supposed to be a technological marvel. It was one of the most messed up ship launches in the company's history. I'm sure they lost loyal customers. They came very close to losing us, but two years later we decided to give them another shot. Their IT department is costing them customers.
  7. Correct, but Disney to my knowledge has never put two ships on the island at the same time. Or if they did it was the Magic and the Wonder. RCCL is going to put the Mariner and Navigator at Coco Cay at the same time.
  8. We were on a bad partial charter once too, on MSC it was a Heavy Metal partial charter. It was absolutely terrible. Our DD was an infant at the time and we couldn't sleep. We complained and the response from Guest Services was "It's their Cruise too" I wrote to the CEO afterwards and he was even less empathetic (such a lousy operation the actual CEO responded to me, not his admin or some exec customer service). They had the nerve to send me a voucher for a future cruise! That went right in the trash and we have never set foot on another MSC ship, we also tell all our friends how bad they are!
  9. Probably part of this reprogramming issue is because the Mariner and the Navigator will have the exact same ports of calls at the same time. So RCCL IT needs to figure out how to program excursion inventory to be available at the same time on two sailings. So I guess it's easier to take down the sailings for new bookings during the process than complicate matters by having things change with new reservations.
  10. I wouldn't be too alarmed yet. It might just be a partial charter or a large group. And not necessarily a full ship charter. I'm worried about the same thing on the April 6 Navigator sailing.
  11. Yes that's the charter I saw. But my app does say the double stop like the Mariner. And it's odd because if you try and book a new cruise for that same date both the Mariner and Navigator are unavailable. And on the Miami Pride cruise website it does not list the double stop. I'm crossing my fingers that it's tied up with the Mariner double stop. I wouldn't mind that!
  12. I haven't been officially notified, but I believe my Navigator 4 night on April 6, 2020 is being canceled due to a charter. I logged into the app this morning to see if excursions were available and it said that I can't use the app for a charter! Logged into the website and getting all sorts of errors. Then googled the ship and sail date and found it listed on a website that does charters. So a quick search online and I am finding that RCCL is terrible at accommodating guests when they cancel your sailing for a charter. Other experiences? I had already booked air because United had the saver fares available and I couldn't pass it up since that is spring break week in NJ. What should I expect from RCCL and what should I request? There is an Adventure of the Seas sailing, but the price is double what we have on the Navigator. Luckily I do have travel insurance so they would probably pick up the United cancel feel if RCCL offers nothing. We did not yet have a roll call for this sailing, so nobody to ask in that group! Thanks in advance for any thoughts or suggestions.
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