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  1. Thanks f/info. Guess we'll budget the $15/nt. Convenient to have your own car at the pier.
  2. sighing, w/apologies. I have zero idea of how I ended up on this page, but clearly, I thought I was talking Crown & Anchor (RCI). Maybe you got a few lol's out of my ramblings. We are X Elite, but this time, sailing on HARMONY, so will go find that Roll Call (which I somehow thought this was - geesh!). May all y'all enjoy the Seas always and all ways.
  3. without reading all the threads, anybody know cost of parking at TAMPA pier? Any tips we should for 1st time Tampa Embarkation?
  4. As of 11 July 2019, 8 guests have signed up for the Royal Caribbean Cruise Critic Meet & Mingle for the Harmony Of The Seas sailing on 22-Dec-2019. go to Meet & Mingle link to sign up for the Party. Need 25 in order to qualify for the party.
  5. anybody know IF Park Cafe is open on embarkation day? don't remember that menu
  6. No guarantee you'll sneak the couple in, but guessing "maybe" if you act like you know what you are doing, lol. I prefer the buffet for variety, but seating does gets tight. Hey, all y'all in Simpsonville....
  7. Isn't that an $85pp option? I'll wait my turn for FREE. Everybody gets on before lines cast off. We priority on/off with RCI & Celebrity. Much to do about nothing. Get there early to avoid rush? We are looking forward to this sailing, hoping it exceeds expectations. Service is alleged to be Excellent.
  8. angeleyez915 - thanks for the feedback. 5 yrs is alot of time on ships that turn over hundreds + pax, wkly. I don't understand why Cruise Critics don't post about this ship? Maybe it's an older crowd that aren't on Cruise Critic? Or maybe Carnival doesn't do a good enough job? Maybe it's Charleston port? Wish Savannah would develop leisure cruise ship sailings. Thank you.
  9. Very good Review. Thank you for sharing. I am not encouraged ECSTASY will be all I hope for and more, but anxious to give it a try. Older ships can have plumbing, A/C issues. Taking an Inside cabin, hoping not to be disappointed. Charleston on sails ECSTASY, so no choice here. Not sure Why that is?
  10. thanks, Dance momma. We are planning to park at ship. Maybe someone will comment on that? good to know you didn't have any problems. Also, hoping some recent cruisers might make some comments. Not used to so little Roll Call activity on any ship.
  11. ECSTASY cruisers: new to Carnival & to Charleston. Any parking tips? good signage of where we should drive? drop off bags, then park? No interest on our Roll Call and can't figure out why? What's with the ship not having heat in the cabins? was this a one time thing, or do we need to bring hoodies? Thanks for any suggestions. Figures crossed we don't have plumbing problems or A/C - heat issues. :rolleyes:
  12. New to Carnival. Their Loyalty Program doesn't inspire me. As VIP cruisers, what can you share w/me. Just moved to a Carnival "home port" area, so see Carnival cruises in my future. TIA
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