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  1. So if no sparkling water is included, and in any case the waiters pour it for you, the question is closed.
  2. I am a bit confused about bottled water included in classic drink package. They say that "non premium" bottled water is included, but what does it exactly means? As long as it is possible to order sparkling water, it is fine for me. I don't care about specific water brands. And what if the person who ordered a bottle of water in the dining room with the package pours a glass to another person at the same table? I understand that drink packages cannot be shared, but water is just water, so I don't think it should be a problem, is it?
  3. This summer I will be on Reflection for my first cruise with Celebrity (British Isles). I want to try dfferent speciality restaurant, so I was considering the dining packages, but I've read on this board that it is easy to obtain discounts on board that may be as good or even better than the package price (31€ / dinner for 4 dinners), whitout having to plan in advance how many speciality dinners I am going to have. What do you suggest? Du you think that the dining package is worth the price or not?
  4. Well of course you cannot visit Rome of Florence in a day... But it's something every cruiser knows I guess.
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