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  1. Ill answer my own question seeing no one else could as every answer I received was on how to beat the system. We just returned home from the March 30 cruise which we had a wonderful time on. The last day before disembarkation Summit offered a 20 min. internet package for $10 which allowed us to book our flight 24hrs before departure and we were able to get B for first leg A for second leg so by doing this we saved $70 over doing the Southwest early boarding and the family all sat together.Hope this information helps others flying Southwest.
  2. Also sitting on the beach in St Croix admiring Summit at port have to say we are having none of the issues mentioned above we are in steerage class lol so maybe our expectations are lower oceanview room lots of storage haven't filled all the cupboards have plenty of room in shower for storage of personal products ,We love the colour scheme and overall layout of the room.Sailed Summit 2 years ago and in our opinion a vast improvement .
  3. Would anyone happen to know what the least amount of time you can purchase in the I lounge would be and price, as we are flying Southwest and would like to check in at our 24hr window on flights home so we do not end up with a C seating as we would like to try to keep family sitting together if possible. Trying to determine which would be less in price getting early check in with Southwest at $20 pp or buying 10 min or smallest time of internet on ship. Thank you for any replies
  4. Thanks for the photos looking beautiful 1 week today we board her cant wait sailed her 2 years ago so really looking forward to see how the renovation looks in person
  5. Hopefully that means there have been no issues at all and everything is running smooth
  6. If your booked on Southwest and your flight will be on a 737 Max 8 Southwest is allowing you to change flights to a non 737 Max 8 flight for no charge just finished changing ours had to wait on phone 90 min to get through to an agent but feel it was worth it
  7. Had the same problem as I put same credit card info for everyone then I only put credit card info for me cash for everyone else and voila took me to next screen Im assuming once i get to terminal I can add everyone back to my card
  8. Thank you for the photo the first of many I hope. Eagerly watching for more in anticipation of our March 30 cruise on her this will be our second cruise on Summit sailed on her two years ago and looking forward to the renovation love what Im seeing so far on Millennium
  9. Summit arriving Port Everglades now https://www.portevergladeswebcam.com/
  10. thank you Islandstar really appreciate it
  11. Islandstar If we take taxi from cruise port to Grand Anse beach where would we tell driver to let us off so we could be on the section of Grand Anse that you suggest that would have loungers food & drink and restroom facilities
  12. Jim Thank you for the reply good to know and yes we always turn data off when leaving Canada
  13. Question on the app do you need to be on ships wifi to be able to use the app or is it free to use without wifi
  14. What would the cost of taxi for 4 people be from cruise port thank you
  15. Could you please tell us how many ships were in port that day thank you
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