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  1. Sybil, Congrats on getting your corner of the ship. Can't wait. We will be on Vision next May as well. We are on a wait list for a Family Veranda. Too early to release them to "smaller families". Fingers crossed.
  2. Thanks for the original poster asking this question. I was in the same boat for an October cruise. We were given a guaranteed stateroom and ended up in the new bank of tiny cabins and balconies on the 10th floor. The more I read, the worse it sounded - especially for a 2 week cruise. Tiny vanity? Plastic desk chair? No room for room service? No room to scoot a walker between the bed and wall? Itty bitty balcony? Just wasn't looking grand. So the hunt was on. To my amazement, there were quite a few family verandas remaining for hardly any more $$. Wasn't the case several weeks ago when I checked - it was over a grand to make the switch. Not the case this time. I took what was "offered" to me. 9199 which is next to the corner aft. For grins, I looked online and saw that both corner afts were still open. Slide me over again! Now we have 9197 and I am thrilled. I have only read positive things about this corner aft and have decided to end my search and thank my lucky stars. Celebrity should be excited too as I was on Booking Confirmation revision #9 haha. In my defense, it only involved 3 cabin changes. Done! So excited!
  3. We did the Denali tour as stated above beginning July 5th. Our weather was HOT and clear and Denali was quite visible all the way to the top which is apparently a rarity. The smoke from the fires wasn't bad when we were there. I am glad we did this tour but man oh man oh man, it is a lot of traveling while sitting. Since we weren't hikers, canoeists, etc., there wasn't much for us to do late evening (after we arrived). The cabins were hot due to the high temps and no ac. It did finally cool down by wake up time. We were told you couldn't buy a fan anywhere - all sold out. The joke in town? "Crazy how you have to come to Alaska to get a suntan". Haha. Time to travel again! We finally made it to the glass domed train and it was running late. Why? They said the tracks were sooooo hot that the train had to travel slower than normal. Wow! Of course, our seats were in a portion of the train that wasn't getting much air. Hot inside! Dinner was fabulous though. I have to say I was a bit disappointed by the train ride. Last trip to Alaska, we took the train from Seward to Anchorage and OH MY, was it ever stunningly beautiful. This train ride and terrain wasn't anything like that train ride. We did see a few moose along the way. Again, dinner was good. We stayed at the Marriott Hotel in Anchorage. It was nice. Did a Trolley through Anchorage. The added landscaping and flowers were unbelievable! I have never seen anything like it. It was attributed to the great weather and 20 hours of sun daily. Amazing. Finally, the return flight home from Anchorage to Houston during the late night early morning hours. Lord, I wish I could sleep on a plane 😞 Was a fabulous trip all together but for us personally, I don't think I would do the Denali quick tour again. We did a Duck Tour in Ketchikan (fun), Helicoptered to Mendenhall Glacier and walked around from Juneau (OMG blue blue blue!) , rented a Hummer and trekked down the Yukon Highway to Emerald Lake from Skagway (stunningly green), and did the Glacier Discovery Tour off the ship in Glacier Bay (WOWOWOW).
  4. Ooops my bad. Didn't realize. I actually tried to delete my earlier post but couldn't figure out how. Sorry all.
  5. I did and I still find it very lacking. <Laughing>, we are just going to grab a seat and ride the roads for the views. Should be enough for us. Thanks.
  6. realltitsmema, We have JS 1100 too! I've heard it is quite coveted.
  7. Thanks all. We've cruised on Radiance to Alaska before but we were total Alaska newbies. I get it is an older ship but I love all ships. We scored an Aft Junior Suite for this cruise - super excited. We booked some nice excursions this go-around - air, land and sea. We'll be landing on a glacier, driving a Hummer to Emerald Lake, etc, another boat/city tour, and the newish Glacier Discovery Boat tour at Hubbard. We are spending a couple of precruise days in Vancouver. I'm beginning to think our 2 day Denali cruise tour will be plenty for us as we are senior citizen sisters with one walker. Looks like we just need to sit back, bring our personal items in a separate bag, and enjoy the ride. Can't wait!
  8. realityitsmeme, I've heard the longer pre and post tour add-ons can be exhausting. I'm guessing since ours is so short and mostly travel, they will handle all baggage and transfers. I read somewhere that you should pack separate bags for certain tour days. I doubt that will apply to our short tour. I'm resolved to sit and enjoy beauty while traveling. Maybe we will find something tame to occupy any extra time we might have while we in town.
  9. mapleleaves, that's all I've been able to tell so far. Lots of travel, travel and travel some more. I've done the long train from Seward to Anchorage before and loved the beauty. More curious about first hand tips and info, I guess. I have come across very few posts about this excursion/trip but most are so very old. Like a decade ago haha. Sister uses a walker so seeing the countryside from a hopefully comfy "cushion" is good for us.
  10. We booked Cruisetour 11A through Royal Caribbean on the Radiance of The Seas end of June 2019. The information we have found online is so minimal. It consists of: Day 8 - Seward to Anchorage to Denali; Day 9 - Denali/Talkeetna/Anchorage; Day 10 - End journey in Anchorage and fly home. Would love to hear some recent stories, advice, general information, etc. about this quicky tour.
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