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  1. Thank you, will check them out!
  2. Following this also as we're taking our grandkids and hoping to snorkel in Aruba. I can concur the current at the Antilla wreck is strong. We did it a couple months ago but my wife stayed on the boat and I'm glad she did. We're taking them snorkeling in Bonaire on this cruise with Woodwind and that was a no brainer but wanted to add a snorkel stop in Aruba and not sure who to use.
  3. For snorkeling with turtles i would go with Calabaza on Barbados. They are a first class operation. Have been with them a couple of times and booked with them again next year. Last year as soon as I jumped in the water a large turtle was with our guide. They are very protective of the turtles. Check them out on Trip Advisor or go to the Barbados section on Cruise Critic. Good luck and have fun!
  4. We did the Royal Caribbean ship tour that included everything you're looking for in December. Going there again in two weeks and just going to a beach. Have snorkeled and done sea tours while there on previous trips but the last one was exactly what you're looking for. Hope that helps!
  5. Guys, my apologies to the both of you. At my age i should know better than to assume and I was guilty of that so again please accept my apologies. Part of getting caught up in social media and was guilty.
  6. Wow, such a helpful detailed answer and not even a thank you? BTW, scheduled to be with Hans in Curacao later next month based on your recommendation.
  7. Not sure I'll be any help or too late for you but did the same excursion on Royal Caribbean in December. All i can say is it's not a beach I'd heard or read about but it was close to the port. It was a nice beach with a nice restaurant where you can get bar food.
  8. Thank you both, yes, the December cruise is in 2019 and yes I've checked it twice, just like a Christmas list and there are only 6 offered, no view all, just a "back to the top".
  9. Is it normal for the cruise line to offer a limited number of excursions in December? Going to the same Island in April and they offer 21 excursions. Same Island in December and they're only offering 6 excursions. Is this the norm? Is that time of the year a time when a good number of excursion operators take off?
  10. Cruise is actually next week but chose another excursion.
  11. Thank you. Was thinking of Polly's. Neither one of us drink. Anything else to do in the pier area besides eat and drink?
  12. I've done both but hard to say for your family. When we did the Eco tour thru a private company it was very good. Where there was some rock climbing my wife and I stayed at the boat; she swam and I did a little snorkeling. There was another part where we climbed up to an overlook while they were preparing lunch on the boat. We had our grandkids with us but they were in their early teens so the rock climbing and going up to the overlook was no big deal for them, not sure about a five and a half year old. But one of you could stay behind while the other did some exploring. We did the lobster lunch thru RCI and while it was OK it was somewhat boring as all we did was stop at a couple of beaches and swim. The grilled lobster on the boat was very good however. Swim and lobster lunch or some snorkeling and sight seeing with a lunch on the boat, that is the question!
  13. We've got an excursion booked thru the ship and will be returning late morning. Any ideas on what to do in town close to the pier?
  14. Considering a six hour tour around the Island by boat. For those who have done these tours I believe I've seen post that say it's rough once these boats are on the Atlantic side. I don't want to put my wife thru rough conditions. I know one day the ocean can be as smooth as glass and the next day like a roller coaster. Is that true for Antigua that every day is different or as a rule is the Atlantic side generally smooth? Thanks!
  15. We did it thru the ship in April. 20-30 minute bus ride and then a 5 minute boat ride to the island. It is only a 4-4.5 hour excursion however. We were dropped back in Oranjestdd and did some shopping. I did snorkel there and there were plenty of fish but very rocky. The water was also quite choppy that day so I didn't even bother to ask my wife to join me snorkeling. The lunch was fine as was the beach. Hope that helps!
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