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  1. Just been reading the great review and just wanted to know around what time you left again as it seemed that you had a really packed day
  2. We are still planning on going and haven't received any notification about it being cancelled...
  3. A very nervous first time cruiser approached the Captain: “Do ships like this sink very often?” Replied the captain: “Not too often – Usually, it’s only once.”
  4. TA sailings with no passengers might be a solution so that the EU cruising season won"t be affected that much...
  5. Who's Arno? I know only a Belgian rockstar with that name...
  6. All persons older than 12 years have an ID card here in Belgium and you have to carry it with you all the time. I also use it e.g. at the pharmacy and the library... ID card is enough to travel in Europe and so far also the UK. Might change with the Brexit but it's for as far I know not yet the case...
  7. I doubt that. To go to the UK, I need my normal, daily passport or maybe ID card is the better word, to go to the US or anywhere outside Europe I need a travel passport. I don't think they are linked...
  8. Our trip is only in October, so by then things should be back to normal
  9. Thanks for your answer. Seems we better stay in port and I'll start investigating what we can do there.
  10. We'll be docked at Shimizu from 7am to 3pm. I was wondering whether it's possible to go to the ropeway up to the Kunozan Toshogu Shrine using public transport or do you need more time? If it's cloudy, we might just stay in the port instead.
  11. As we have to be at the airport around 9 a.m. the easiest way seems to be to take a cab to the Yokohama City Terminal and then change to the Airport Limousine Bus. Maybe see whether we can arrange the cab before we leave on cruise, will make it a more relaxing cruise...
  12. Is there any transfer to the Yokohama City Air Terminal from the cruise port?
  13. And it's probably also the easiest way back as our flight is too early to use cruise line transportation
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