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  1. Saturday 02/08/20 Our “Perfect Day at CoCo Cay” The day started about noon for Rich and I. We had a late breakfast and headed for CoCo Cay. Meet up with my peps and relaxed in lounge chairs at Chill Island. We did not have excursions booked and nothing planned. The day was spent lounging, listening to music and napping. We sat close enough to the chill bar where all types of music was played. The Island was beautiful but the weather was very windy and no sun in Sight 😏. There Was plenty of seating/lounge chairs. It never felt over crowded. Shops everywhere 😳
  2. After dinner Rich and I went to the cabin for a quickie and nap.. I meant a quick nap 😜. We woke about 11:30, I had planned to go to The Silent Party, where RC provide earphones and you listen to music of your choice at Club Blaze but we overslept and so we went to a private pajama party hosted by G&S in the Solarium area. The others didn’t join us, they all were in their cabins and already turned in for the night. The party was entertaining. After the party of course it was a couple slices of pizza and some sweets. Lights were out at about 2:30ish
  3. We got washed up and went to our 7pm Reservations for Blue Planet The Show was awesome!!! and Dinner tonight was in The main Dining Room. Dinner and Dessert was good and again the waitstaff did not disappoint. Towel animal for the night:
  4. The rest of our Friday afternoon was spent: Crazy Quest Game and sipping and relaxing in the Jacuzzi. Finally able to capture a Beautiful sunset
  5. Deck 11 Library and Diamond Club Im a Diamond but Not according to RCL
  6. Deck 14 Seven Hearts and Adventure Ocean IMG_0033.MOV
  7. Random Photos of this humongous Vessel Blaze is where Bingo was held and some of the night life activities.
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