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  1. Scientific and medical discoveries and advances will dictate any changes and protocols that Carnival Corporation and its nine cruise lines implement before they return, CEO and President Arnold Donald said In an exclusive interview with Cruise Critic, Donald said it's too soon to tell what exact changes cruisers will see on ships once they return to service, but he vowed that whatever protocols are put in place would follow guidelines put out by global health authorities such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization. It is not news but the thoughts of a senior industry leader - Read the article it sums up the position but gives away they have no idea when the will start again in my view. I know its not NCL but it gives a flavour of what is going on behind the scenes. I just wonder what cruising will be when it returns?
  2. No no not at all I do not think any ships will go before September. it is not immaterial at all. I was in particular saying that particular one would not be operating. I never said you will defiantly not be gambling and helping the state taxes.
  3. But not the one you booked LOLouder which is all I said so in fact I right
  4. Yet again Seaman everyone can see what you do. You answered a different question . The fact is you booked 8 June 2020 and were proud to tell me I was wrong. Admit for once you have got wrong there is no other sensible conclusion I never commented on Vegas so why on earth do you feel the need to mention it. I never said all casinos are closed. No one is interested in what else you booked you blustered on in another thread that you had booked 8 June 2020 because some industry newspaper said it would be open. Now maybe you wil realise that self serving advertising you quote is nonsense. I said it would not happen and all they are doing is trying to get bookings and your money. It is entirely irrelevant where else you booked - you must be playing roulette with the flights as well unless you are driving. Now lets see what story you come up with when your Carnival cruise is cancelled - oh I know you only thought it had a good chance.
  5. So yet again I am correct. You were adamant that you had been able to book something and I said it would be cancelled You asked me to comment about AC - its closed All your bluster about booking and its opening up. I told you weeks ago that your booking would not go ahead and that it was a long way off. Its the same with cruises. and as for Europe - no chance of big cruise ships - they are not wanted this year,
  6. It just shows you the level of his intelligence - rock bottom!! Just look at rubbish he writes he compares a grocery store to a cruise ship - he just talks nonsense all the time. He has proved that time and time agian. He believes adverting paapers and is deeply confused and thinks they are news.
  7. Seaman 11 lives in a little fantasy world of his own with no one agreeing with him. I seriously do not believe he understands the world we live in. All he keeps saying are "things are opening up" They are not as far as ship logistics but he can not see it as believes the rubbish written in the trade press. He says he gets off at ports. there are none due to be open in August read the official Caribbean websites. Of course the island would love to have cruisers back but only when its safe not when Seaman11 wants to cruise. things starting on land are not the same as at sea I have blocked him because he can not answer questions and just makes simpleton statements with no substance. He said I live in cushy world but when challenged he provides no answers What you write is so true maybe when his cruise is cancelled in August he wil apologise and wipe the huge egg of his his face. Sadly will not be able to see his apology. All I say is Carnival plan to reopen are now being changed as I write. NCL have no pans to sail before 1 September 2020 as a large part of their guests Israel and Uk for the summer can not get back into their home countries and this applies to crew world wide. Until COVID 19 testing is on the spot or a vaccine is available no cruise line will sail with mass market.
  8. Nothing its not a comparable!
  9. They have not the crew home The number of engineers is the same however may passengers there are. Once airports are fully operational. You are clearly not in real world - countries are imposing quarantine and not loosening them. Not so hard I promise you its near on impossible as crew are made up of Eastern Europe India and Philippines all of which are still closed. 10 weeks for now is very different from when they can get the thousands needed back. A lot of crew will never sail again after this and sourcing new crew is not easy in this day and age. You are not in the industry and have no clue how hard it is so your comment is baseless. You make comments without any fact,. In fact all UK security staff which make up the bulk of NCL on board ships can not travel due to travel advisories. The crew that have not even yet got home will not be back for some time and new crew take months to retrain. At present whatever you want to think crewing is a massive issue for all cruise lines as COVID is still rife and you are oblivious to the fact that one outbreak on a ship its the end of the industry for years. You are only thinking of the economics well I can tell you the Islands and cruise staff are thinking of their loved ones not cruising. They are not worried about your few dollars. Which Casinos are open and playing TODAY and that you can book. Do not worry about replying as I blocked you
  10. On cruises that have lost all add on and have gone up in price Look at the current pricing its about 20% higher than March 2020 so not saving a penny and all add on removed !! Oh dear
  11. You are never wrong. NOT I have asked more than four times to explain how the lines will crew the ships but you just ignore because you have no idea how to crew and operate a cruise ship and don't say "well maybe" you do not have clue how the logistics work for a cruise ship. I do and even MR FDR said it will take three weeks to retrain the crews. And these crews can not even leave their countries. Further at present NCL and Carnival are repatriating experienced crew. CDC will scupper any start up in August. Based on NCLH share price the market knows that their are no plans to start up. Look at Carnival its flat lined not as sign of imminent future revenue, You now saying "better chance" for August. You were much more confident a few weeks ago. There is no demand for cruises at the moment and the cruise lines know it. Carnival can not even sell 50% of its August cruises at this time. I hope you flight is refundable from VA to FL Still waiting for your comments on Atlantic City.
  12. As always Seaman11 you do not address any of the points. And the cruise lines can not afford one outbreak on the ships. How do you know the Island can not survive on reduced tourism they did before cruising. They are not waiting for cruise ships and COVID 19 another outbreak on an Island and ships can not stop there so no dollars again. Realistically the Islands do not want COVID second wave because you do not want to be proved wrong. You have absolutely no idea what you are guessing other than to make derogatory remarks about people. Find a post where I said 2021- I have not said that ever. I suspect late September or October in reality. Strange that no August cruises sold out - no demand. What post says I live in cushy world? Maybe I do but I know what I am talking about whereas you are just guessing. No comment again about Atlantic City eh and you do not seek to challenge anything.
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