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  1. Relatives of ours walked from town quay to the ship...can't remember where it was docked now. It looked an easy walk..but they said it wasn't. They had no luggage, we had all of that in the taxi. I lose track of what what at the moment, but dock gate 10 is closed for the forseeable future.
  2. If you look at Balmoral, one of the Fred Olsen ships. That has balcony cabins on the prom deck..I think if you are sat down on them, people walking past cannot see you. If you are stood up, they would. Might give people a sort of idea how this concept works.
  3. we like tables for 2 in club dining now. usually we let them know if we are eating elsewhere the following night, usually so our wine bottle can follow us there.
  4. This was in Southampton, we live across the water. They have done a few Celebrity...and 1 Pando. They prefered Celebrity. I had visions of them arriving at 7am at our door, I think it was actually just before 8am.
  5. How come my relatives were told their disembarkation time was 6.30 am then, (their car was parked at ours I said i didn't want to see them until a sensible time of the morning) and they stated you couldnt get a cooked breakfast just a continental
  6. We are with 3. when we did Caribbean transatlantic decided to go for package on board. mainly for the 5/6 days there and back with no ports. Wen on the islands , where ever there was free wifi, found it very very busy, to the extent would not have liked to tried having a private call, or getting any sort of speed on the wifi.
  7. Basically the cooked breakfast and similar to the mdr breakfast. I know you can get birchers muesli ..which I fell in love with. Sorry do not have a picture of the menu. To me its the peace and quiet i like about it. plus the fact I'm happy to dine on my own in there. The waiters get to know you very quickly..to the extent that i normally didnt have to tell them what I wanted..they knew.
  8. they are useful, https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2380057.m570.l1313.TR12.TRC2.A0.H0.Xhandbag+hooks.TRS0&_nkw=handbag+hooks&_sacat=0 if you have one that has a magnet with it, you would need to put your cruise card in an rfid sleeve, so the magnet doesnt wipe your card.
  9. I dont take hardsided handbags.. mine are totally flat so I take loads in different colours to match with what I'm wearing. I also take a handbag hook, so if i can't get a table near a window (windowsill for handbag) I hang said bag off table.If I try and put behind me in chair it always falls out. I purchase said handbag hook off amazon.
  10. Pando try and get the final guests off the previous cruise by 10am. clean around with a duster, then the new ones boarding. I think the other lines try and get you off earlier..from a relatives personal experience. When they travelled with Pando they liked the fact they could have a nice cooked breakfast at leisure before getting off for their long journey. They may start earlier than that now..but its usually underway by 12. I guess you cant have it both ways. get off sensible time and board early time. Having sat on the balcony on B2B you would not believe how early once the car park is empty, it starts filling up again. I guess the hole in the wall and car park guys have to have a break somewhere between those 2.
  11. If you are in a suite you have priority boarding so should be at 12/12.30. If you are in a suite and high tier loyalty you should be 1st on the ship.
  12. To try and get a constant flow of passengers ,rather than 1000 turning up at 12. It will be worse when Iona comes on line and you have 2000 turning up at 12.
  13. We were told sometimes at sailaway they may have a gathering on the bridge roof, that you pay to attend (we would get it free as they would be in front of us. This never happened so I don't think they do it any more. Besides that i dont remember being overlooked at all.
  14. we have stayed in this suite. sort of seperate bedroom. Wardrobes I think ,rather than open area. seperate sitting area. I think most suites are basically bog standard cabinx2 or 3 increase in size. Our problem was the balcony . You look out over the top of the bridge, so you cannot look down at the front. At the side you can look down over the metal fronted balcony.Main thin is if you are moving it is very very windy,so the balcony cannot really be used unless you are in port.Just remembered at the front the top of the bridge is about level with the top of the balcony, so you are sat in a sort of well . If i can find any pictures i will post.
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