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  1. Yes..beans on toast becomes your go to meal! We should have gone to the holy land just before Christmas on the eastern med one..went to Istanbul instead..which we loved.
  2. No idea. It used to be something we dreamed about but we have done a 28 day caribbean transatlantic and thought this is too long for us.another I liked was 21 day to the eastern med..would be nice to do another of those. We are now booked on the round uk one next year. That is another good one.
  3. There was the couple having to work out how to get back to Cornwall. They had flown to southampton with flybe..realised that wouldn't work going back.another couple had already got a taxi booked..in advance before going that would be going that way. I suggested that would be safer than trains and changing stations. Went out this morning for the first time in ages..to the shops..nothing wrong..just didnt need to go..things have changed. Do you think once "things are back to normal" the "older" cruisers will decide not to do any long trips..and the worldies will be a thing of the past.
  4. Its like trying to keep track of marbles in Southampton..they come in..they go out...they go round in circles, dump grey water, have a look at Weymouth, and then come back in again. For some reason when Britannia last went out she went with all horns going..not sure why..Memory of better times.She'll be back. I feel rather sorry for the people on Arcadia..life is a bit different than when they left in January. There maybe some smuggling of toilet rolls going on. I suggested they all get haircuts before leaving..Hairdressers is shut on board..so they can join the rest of us,,
  5. Yes I know I am talking about what is decided at the next agm. I think you had to book a cruise by a certain date to get the current rates. Whatever is decided will come into effect effect after the date you mention.
  6. Would it be considered prudent, when things get back to normal, for a company to be handing out perks to shareholders, no matter how little. I agree the divi would go, but I also think the OBC if it doesn't go, to be reduced by a considerable amount. If all the cruise lines survive , without government bailouts etc I would imagine they would be fairly strapped for cash, and the OBC perk for shareholders I wouldn't think brings in a lot of bookings. Maybe the one you get for booking select fares will stay ( i think people will be very wary of booking too far in advance in the future).
  7. Can anyone please point me in the direction of the mythical money tree that exists out there somewhere.
  8. The trouser press will not be there. They were taken out of suites/minisuites on all the other ships about a year or so ago.
  9. As an aside |I have seen articles floating about the web, that to stop the whole travel industry going bottoms up (not just cruises) a new law is coming in shortly that means companies do not have to issue refunds, just credits. Basically its so all travel companies are not suddenly hit with thousands of people wanting refunds and not having the wherewithall to do it. I think the info i read was written by Simon Calder.
  10. I thought if you booked via a TA everything had to go through them, so surely pando would have to refund the TA who would then have to refund you. Rather than direct from Pando to you.
  11. Dibden is up the hill from us. Thank you very much for your very kind offer. We are ok at the moment..
  12. No.............trying to book a slot ahead...sainsbury we do not fit their criteria for home delivery..hoping slots open later. Tesco have not dropped any slots yet. Deep joy..no car...So ho hum.
  13. You are across from us then..just checked map..across and down. Did you see brittania come in this morning, I just missed her.
  14. well if half my asda order does not arrive wednesday also, may I blame you!!!!! Seriously order went in for £70+ last week , what came was just over £50. Expecting the same this week as well..
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