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  1. Was listening to you and yours a couple of days ago and they mentioned that you should be able to claim for a full refund back if there are going to be significant changes to your cruise. Now what they mean by that is anyones guess. Anyone on current cruises that are missing out all of the far east port, they are already on a cruise, so its just change of ports. For those going shortly where you were supposed to be flying to one place, and you are not now...I guess it depends how much to wish to "discuss " this with them. It is what Harry said.
  2. It only appears on your confirmation of booking. it doesn't appear in your cruise personaliser.
  3. I was going to say people are very much more aware of this virus now. People will know if they have been in contact with anyone who has recently been through the areas effected. You might not have any symptoms but you would know if you had been in contact with someone who has travelled through those areas. Ref the ship it was obviously circulating for quite some time before people starting becoming I'll. Hence why all the cases are appearing now. Surely once those who were effected before the measures were put in place, once they have been identified the cases on board should drop, as people are not being allowed to mix now.
  4. Reading all the insurance problems on here. Bearing in my that Pando's new target market is the family group with young children, I do wonder how many people actually read the bumph that comes with insurance cover , actually tell the insurance company they are going on a cruise and where. Its a bit like the first time we did a Caribbean transtlantic. quite a bit younger , no health issues. I cannot remember having any problems with insurance, besides telling them we were on a cruise. Don't think we even told them where. The last time we did one we made sure the insurance company knew where we were going and covered us..at no little cost. I know it is up to the passengers themselves to sort this out, but I wonder if they just go for the cheapest quote, because they have to have it, and leave it at that.
  5. If I was on a current cruise, or joing a cruise, I would assume the line would be doing everything in their power to amke sure, now we are more aware of this virus, that no one comes onboard with it. I feel very sorry for the cruise lines with the logistal problems of how to sort out the boarding and disembarking of passengers. People say I'm going in 2 weeks and havent been told yet, probably because 2 weeks out is too far ahead for them to def. know they are going somewhere. This virus is popping up everywhere, isn't there cases in Switzerland now? It is probably have to be done on a day by day basis. As an aside, from what I have read, the passengers on the Princess ship, in inside cabins are allowed out on deck for 1 1/2 hours each day, they wear masks and gloves and must stay at least a meter away from anyone else. Pretty draconian measures ,but if that is what it takes to try and stop the virus in its tracks. Food and drink is brought to the cabin door. You take it from there, crew do not go into the cabins.
  6. Cunard do not have trays. For us...if we go to the buffet, OH leaves a hat on the table, I leave my around the ship bag on a chair..just has cruise card and possibly camera in there, so its obvious somebody is at that table. Then we each get our drinks, come back, then go off and get our cereals, after that is eaten if either want to finish off with something hot, we each go off and get them. Never come back from any of these expeditions to find someone has taken our table. Same as I wouldn't sit at a table that had someones personal belongings on it. Would we miss the try, not really..just as easy to carry a plate as a tray. If someone if taking tons of food they will take it ,if its just on a plate ,or on a plate on a tray.
  7. I leave OH with all the funny wooden hangers. I have been taking those thin velvet covered ones. Clothes do not fall off of them.
  8. You have to either show your cruise card or give them your cabin number on entering the MDR. They will know you are not on Freedom/anytime dining. Cabin number given so they will know what dining you are on, so not possible to buck the system at all.
  9. Arcadia has 2 main dining rooms. 1 freedom and 1 set dining with 2 sittings. Anytime dining equates to freedom dining on pando (turn up anytime between 6.30-9.30pm..i think those are the times) If you didnt book freedom dining on booking you are highly unlikly to be able to change to it. It is very popular. So your TA isnt very knowlegable about pando ships..or even the line itself. When you booked the cruise what did they say about the dining options?
  10. You were happy to make the most of It, if you hadn't enjoyed it. Some seem to Book, then come on social, find out things...and then choose to complain about cruise lines being stuck in the past etc, as it doesn't suit them.
  11. I think some people do no research whatsoever before booking. They see a price in a shop window, something comes up in FB ,see something in a newspaper and think thats for me. Pay their money. Then they discover by joining forums that oh pando have a dress code (don't go there) and if they want to dine that evening they will quite likely be in the buffet (pay extra to eat somewhere else- i wasnt told about that). would like to take lots of drink onboard (oh only 1ltr per person) why should I pay the ships prices. When they get to some ports (Barcelona lets say as I know that is one) you can either walk for 1/2hour+ each way, or you can pay for a shuttle each way. They just see the base price and know nothing else until they find these things out and then complain on social media that the cruise line will not change things for them. A newly married couple booking a cabin with fixed single beds via a TA who knew nothing about the ship..I could go on. Reminds me of many many many years ago just after package holidays to the sun had started a newspaper was asking people at an air port where they were flying to. They knew the flight number (never heard of the funny sounding name of the airport), and which country is that in, where are you actually flying to. They had no idea. Maybe not read all the t and c , but at least ask questions before you pay anything. Was reading one somewhere recently of someone who had paid a deposit-a few hundred , and now wanted to cancel. would they lose their deposit, and if they would that was very cruel of the cruise line...They did not give their reason for wanting to cancel, one could only assume from their post it was not something covered by insurance.
  12. I'm sure i have seen posts where people haven't paid and had children in the seat behind or across the aisle. I guess the only way to guarantee is to pay up. At 10 years old you may be in for some "discussion" at check in if you dont pay and do not get seats together.
  13. Thank you all for replying. Yes I think it is happening more often, not sure why. As no one who has been medievac and posted on their return had mentioned the cruise line claiming off the cruisers insurance for the additional fuel costs i just wondered who paid. The cruise line insurance itself is not something I had thought of, but I guess that would be the sensible option. I also guess that if some one is ill the last thing they would think about would be how much extra it would be costing the cruise line to get them somewhere where they could be taken to a hospital.
  14. There is a policy ---holiday extras--- i believe it is called .As you are from the US would it not be possible to speak to insurers out there and get them to quote. A case in point we tend over here to have insurance cover from when the cruise is booked as due to our T and C our deposits are non refundable. As a deposit can run into £100's its better for us to be covered from the off, rather than when final payment is due. It will be difficult for us to suggest insurance as we will not know if they cover someone from the US. Do you have compare websites like we do in the UK. As a starter if you put in holiday extra insurance and see what it comes up with read the T and C to see if it would work for you. some people do use it, and think it alright. Main thing is tell all medical history..tell them its for a cruise...tell them where the cruise is going.
  15. Hi I was thinking a few days ago..dangerous thing I know. The QM2 recently did a usa/canadian cruise. Had a few medical emergencies , where she had to turn back more than once ,before crossing the Atlantic at great speed, so she was only a few hours late in. We are always reading about ships having to turn back/arrange to meet a helicopter for a medievac/speeding up to get to a port quickly (I think Aurora crossed to the Caribbean in record time due to medical emergency, getting in 1 1/2 days ahead of time) All of the above would cost a great deal of money to the cruise lines in fuel used. It wouldn't be something that peoples cruise insurance would cover . So assume the cruise lines basically have to bite the bullet and pay out the thousands extra for the fuel. Just something i was thinking about.
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