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  1. We are booked on one of the QE cruises from Southampton next April. 7 days with possible stops in Liverpool and Belfast. Main thing that made us try it...We like cruising..As its UK only cruise insurance was not expensive and not far to go if taken off the ship. I think it will be a while before all countries accept cruise ships turning up from all over the world.
  2. I think thats the one we are booked on, theorectically Southampton, Belfast, Liverpool, wander round the west coast Scotland. Booked it, but fully prepared for it not to go ahead, or if it does, to not stop in either Liverpool or Belfast.
  3. If they are like pando I know they restrict the age of children on voyages that have mpore than 3 consecutive sea days (which a transatlantic would) Basically because if a small child gets ill they can go downhill very quick. Now what age that applies up to I do not know.
  4. Pando do the same. Safety reasons. Some have posted on their boards if its a family booking in school holidays they book up to 2 years in advance to make sure all the children can get on. I know from from has been posted Costa either do not restrict of allow a greater number of children per adult. It doesn't get based on children using the childrens club.
  5. we live across the water from southampton. booked on a fred ship via saga, the transport was a shared car. Not sure where the other passenger had come from. Obviously our part of the share was just around the solent to the port.
  6. Do you think America is a safe place to go cruising from any time soon?
  7. Don't wander here too often so had not picked this up until now. They can advertise all they like , with the infection rates in the US doesn't mean any ship from there would actually be allowed over here. I still stand by until the Americans actually start taking the whole thing seriously they or their ships will not be welcome. I am on a few FB sites (non cruising) that have a lot of Americans on them..from some of those comments I do not think it is being taken seriously. Plus of course the longer this goes on which lines will survive. They will have to start with cruise
  8. I was going to say years ago went on amazon and got carboard type rfid blocker wallets. Each of my cards is kept in a seperate one, plus I take a wallet on cruises with me (whenever) so I put my cruise card in one (saves getting it wiped all the time). Never used contactless as its magic. I use it now because we never go shopping now (rarely)
  9. More balconies on Arcadia. Oriana had the most expensive balconies as there was only 1 deck of them.
  10. Maybe ,but I think the options for cruising with other companies ,from the UK, will also be reduced. Pando might start up with round uk cruises. I cannot see American lines being able to come over here for quite some time.
  11. I did read somewhere ,heavens knows where, that using track and trace data, a lot of the infections are being spread by different households getting together in houses. More so than being on public transport (wearing a mask) or in shops (wearing a mask). Maybe if they just went back to not 2 households to get together at all in hot spots.
  12. And there we have the difference. I have no desire to carry my phone around with me. I am on holiday. I have few family left and those that care would not wish to contact me. I am sure there are a fair few people who cruise with pando who hate carrying their phone around with them in this country, let alone on-board. You have o have had the discussion with some one to know how anti mobile phones they are...even if their family have got them one
  13. I do not think the cruise industry want a repeat of this year ever again. That is if all the lines survive.. If the majority of people who cruise feel safer with something that says they have had the vaccine at least 2 weeks prior, surely they should be listened to. I have had all the vaccinations that you are given as a child in the UK, plus the slightly different ones when we traveled to the more exotic parts of the world. If we wanted to travel to the later places we had to prove we had had the vaccine (yellow fever is the main one I am thinking of, and thats live). I am
  14. So the thing you have in your pocket tells the waiter who you are and cabin number etc. If you wanted to look at a drinks menu before ordering, would you have to do that on a phone. I wouldn't want to have to carry my phone around with me just to see what was available. I assume having carted round my phone waiter who knew all the info would speak to me to take my order and thats it. Still not 100% sure. I am not that old (i hope). Have a smart phone/tablet etc. sort of tech minded, but i am not convinced with having a phone with me. Ref the TV's i'm sure I read in the past it would mean
  15. do you mean if you want to cruise and do not want the vaccine they would charge a hefty premium. I can see that. Equally that would not help the cruises be "normal" would it. I certainly would not want our cruise next summer to still be a mask wearing one. As some people are just opposed to any vaccines full stop should/would they be allowed on a ship. Should not the protection of the many override the personal feelings of the few.
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