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  1. We booked one last week for our Feb 3 sailing. Make sure to check under dining.
  2. Our agent called and was told that cabanas for our sailing are not yet on sale. Only December on sale so far.
  3. We always book with an agent and always book our onboard fun and excursions on our own. The only real difference with an agent is you can’t call X directly to change the cabin or cancel/change the booking. p.s. I grew up in NS.
  4. We tried calling several times today, but were stuck on hold for unreasonable lengths of time, the last time being 40 minutes. I'm having our agent give it a try.
  5. I hope not. I've been checking pretty obsessively. I was hoping it could be a Christmas present for my husband.
  6. Anyone have any experience of this? When did they show up for your sailing. I had read they appear as a Food and Drink option but this has not yet been the case for us, some six or seven weeks to go.
  7. I don’t find these in my cruise planner. Any advice on where to find them?
  8. Does anyone know about the cabanas at the pool? We are wondering: how you reserve them how much they cost how many people one will accommodate any inclusions.
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