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  1. Hi-My family and I are sail on Royal to Mexico in April, I booked the trip months ago & we had confirmed 715pm res for party of 8. As we are traveling with a baby(10 mos) DIL thought 5pm might be better. Yesterday I called Princess to pay for the cruise. While on the phone I asked the Princess rep about the availability of switching to 5pm. I asked her in advance "Please ck availability of 5pm first, do not drop our 715 as I don't want to lose it in case 515 isn't available" Rep proceeded to dro0p/lose my confirmed 715pm res, & tell me both times 5pm and 715pm are booked & waitlisted and yes, she kicked me off the 715 dining list. Angela, the rep, tells me she will"reach out" to cust service to resolve this issue. Another 40 min waiting for her to come back and tell me there is nothing she can do to reinstate me to the 715. She tells me that cust service will em me about our dining reservation,. So, after 1 1/2 hrs, I have paid our fares and lost our confirmed dining time. I am a platinum member, others are all first time cruisers& this is an important part of the cruise. We were on the Royal a couple of wks ago and the anytime dining wait was far too long, esp with a baby & 7 yr old. What should I do in regards to solving this issue that I did not create? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Much Thanks, Liz
  2. I think it depends on the itinerary of the ship. For the Mexican cruises beginning 3/23/19, per Princess early dinner begins at 445pm on the Royal.
  3. My travel agent called and Princess has set back early seating to 4:45, that's LUNCH time :( Far too early and speaking with the rest of our group. I was told during the same phone call that late seating is now 7:15pm.
  4. 40 million people live in CA, with a big percent in the LA area That's a huge population, aka a huge market to pull from. That's a lot of potential cruisers but I do get the reasons why. What I have realized is that there are a huge number of ships in Alaska for 5 months, that cannot be good for that area, too much :(
  5. Hi Hank-isn't the Med wonderful :) We did it on NCL in 2015 and last year in 2017 & we fell in love with Barcelona and Spain. That is an exhausting cruise as every port I wanted to see all I could! I agree with all of the reasons why & now as there is only one weekly 7 day cruise, the prices are high and the weekly cruises appear to be selling out. I think a weekly Ca Coastal cruise in the summer would do really well So many people want to just be onboard & have that experience as well as more r/t to Alaska from LA. Thank you all for your responses. We are excited to try Carnival and cruise the Mexican Rivera in a couple of weeks.
  6. Hi-I have been wondering why Carnival is the only cruise line that sails on a reg basis out of the Los Angeles/Long Beach area ??? I tried to find a cruise originating out of LA/LB r/t to Alaska this summer, there were 2 dates. One in May and one in Sept, dates not good. I would pay double to NOT fly and have 10-14 days onboard the ship, but really nothing to choose from. I am surprised with how popular cruising has become that there are so few cruise options out of LA/San Pedro/Long Beach ports throughout the summer months esp. I would be thrilled to take a 7 day coastal cruise hitting San Diego, Santa Barbara, San Francisco etc. For me, the ports are but a side note of the real vacation...being onboard and sea days. And to not have to fly to go aboard the ship. Is it that every company and their 90% of their ships are up in Alaska for the summer season?? Does anyone know why so few cruises are offered out of the West Coast?? Thanks much Liz in Long Beach
  7. I tend to agree with other poster, the quality has diminished on most of the affordable cruise lines. The nickel and diming on NCL was irritating, imo. I haven't sailed Carnival in many years but have 2 upcoming cruises booked to Mexico on Carnival Splendor. The main reason we chose this cruise is we didn't want to fly and Carnival is the only company sailing out of LA during the summer. I am a bit dubious as the Splendor is older and seems to be in need of refab, but that's not going to happen til 01/20, I think. Some cruisers have said she looks worn, but everyone still has a great time. Mostly great praise for a wonderful crew etc. so we are going with realistic expectations. I will say I am impressed with the way Carnival handled and compensated the passengers on the Bud hurricane cruise, very fair compensation. There are so many cruises from back East/Florida/Texas and so few from Los Angeles/Long Beach. With such a huge population to pull customers from, I am surprised that none of the other cruise lines sail reg out of our local ports?
  8. Hi-I booked a family cruise for 3/30/19 on Splendor after we found out that we would embark at Long Beach....but that's so far away. With no summer vacations plans I decided to look at availability for July of this year and saw the cruise we wanted was almost sold out :( 5 cabins left in the area/price cat we like. Cut to 430pm-Its been a beautiful day in Long Beach, we walked outside and there she was, the Splendor pulling out of her berth, setting sail for beautiful Mexico for 7 fun filled days and nites.... I'm so happy to see such a lovely ship but so sad it would be over 300 days til we set sail on her, we watched til she disappeared into the horizon. At 415pm, 5 cabins left in desired area-went outside and watched ship, went back online at 530pm-3 cabins left, I grabbed the one we wanted. Seeing her sail off did it for sure. Yeah, we really need a vacation and so happy we don't have to wait til 3/2109. Liz in Long Beach 1st Carnival Cruise-7/21/18:cool: 2nd Carnival Cruise with family 3/30/19 25+prev cruises with P&O, Princess & NCL
  9. Help, I need advice from recent Carnival Splendor cruisers. Can anyone tell me if Carnival Splendor has been refurbished/overhauled? I think she was launched in 2010. I read about the fire in 2016 and her quick haul out turn around time which indicated she didn't get a complete overhaul. Also saw things like "really showing her age" & "needs work everywhere & dated" me thinks wth? If I am paying a lot of money for a cruise, those phrases shouldn't even be included in the same sentence!! Now on a super deal, perhaps I wouldn't even ask :) This would be my first cruise with Carnival, I've cruised with Princess and NCL 25 times and don't enjoy the huge mega ships, so the Splendors size seemed good. We are not picky, but the above phrases are making me really reconsider specifically the Splendor....has she lost hers? Choosing Carnival for kids program & very limited sailings at time frame & departure port we can go but now I'm having big doubts after researching tonite. Argh. Can anyone please tell me who has sailed on the Splendor Recently IF she is in bad shape, really showing her age etc??? Thank you for your honest answers, they are very much appreciated as I gotta figure this out asap. Liz Long Beach CA
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