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  1. What they told me was one of their Roll Call emails must have been rejected by MSN as spam. When the CC system received that bounced spam it shut down my email address. I am not going to try to go back to my old email. It took a few days for them to change it to my Gmail address. Any questions, my email address is consultme@msn.com Harvey
  2. There are a number of people who have the same issue, including from England.. Cruise Critic blames it on the ISP that handles our email. After I had Cruise Critic change my email address to Gmail, and then used the forwarding tool from Gmail to MSN, no more problems.. Harvey
  3. Per another Cruise Critic member, (The Rabbit) I changed my email address. I changed my address to a Gmail account, and forwarded any email that goes to Gmail to my MSN account. I had to notify Cruise Critic Help to change my email address. The CC Help lady who responded to me said the CC email department stated, "MSN might have considered CC email spam", and stopped forwarding CC email to me. I was thrilled to get this posting by Immediate Notification. Hopefully, I will start getting postings from the two roll calls I am enrolled on. Harvey
  4. Cruise Critic checked my settings and wrote all was okay. I just went to the Roll Calls for notifications and I, hopefully, reset them. The correct box at the top was checked, Perhaps I should uncheck the box that says let others see the nofifications??? Harvey
  5. Many of us are experiencing the same issue, no immediate notifications! It appears they do not know what caused the shutdown. The only question is when will Cruise Critic correct the problem? Harvey
  6. They do not know what is wrong with their software.. That is very sad. I thought there had to be others besides me who have suffered the same problem. I hope that they correct the problem before the end of June! Harvey
  7. Hi Roll Call Forum For some reason, I am no longer receiving immediate notifications when they are posted on the 2 Roll Calls that I am currently on. I checked my personal preferences and they indicate IMMEDIATE NOTIFICATIONS. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Harvey
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