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  1. That article is OVER 6 months old and a LOT more info has come out now that contradicts the parents and grandfather on what took place that day.
  2. It depends on the Cabana you rent. They are located in different areas of Cococay. If you rent the Thrill Island Cabana it includes the water park.
  3. No, my hubby and I both have the package, however, he uses my card to get my coffee and his card to get his espresso at the same time.
  4. They certainly should. My hubby always gets up before me and I have my coffee waiting for me when I wake up on the ship. Happy cruising.
  5. It quite clearly states Sea Class dependent on availability. Junior Suites are classified as Sea Class.
  6. Paper straws on all the ships now. I bring my own insulated cup for my frozen drinks now and no straw required.
  7. 109 until Grandeur, 223 until Grandeur, 392 until Oasis, and 567 until Anthem. 😎
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