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  1. I can relax and get into cruise mode after I have reached the ship. Before that, I'm too focused on flights, taxi to the hotel, and transportation to the ship to really relax.
  2. My goats are just pasture pets. 🙂 2 wethers and their mom. The new boots sound fantastic.
  3. In the morning I just can't handle small talk. The caffeine hasn't gotten to all of the brain cells yet.
  4. Dry on the Fly are my go-to hiking and adventure travel pants. I adore them. Grab a blaze orange vest before you head out. They should be selling the things all over the place. A little extra visibility is a really good thing this time of year. I shop first for what is going to work for me at home. What I'll wear when walking the dogs, tending the goats, attending business casual meetings (Boise isn't exactly formal), and the occasional dressy occasion. I have a rain jacket, a down vest to layer under it, a down coat for when it's really cold, and light wool sweaters to layer as needed. Same with the bottoms - tights, leggings, thin pants, and waterproof pants to layer up and down as necessary. Everything I buy is machine washable, and I don't iron. So right from the start most of my clothes are travel ready. It's just a matter of whittling them down. My favorite souvenirs are the things I buy along the way because I forgot to bring them. Gloves. A warm hat. A pair of shoes I bought when my feet were *done*.
  5. Get the Duluth cargo pants! They are fantastic.
  6. Greenland is one of the places where the expedition lines really do a much better job. There are lectures on the plant and animal life. Lectures on the people who live their, and their history. You do get to ruins, and areas where mummies have been found. You sail into different fjords and really get to experience them. I cruised with Lindblad / Nat Geo. Hurtigruten also does a fantastic job in this area. I simply cannot imagine going to Greenland on a huge ship. There's no infrastructure for that.
  7. I just like to mostly blend in when I travel. I don't need to be super stylish. I just try to not stand out when I'm walking around. I love scarves. They hide the little dribbles from lunch. They add a bit of warmth. They change up the look of an outfit. And they pack really small.
  8. I use the Amazon ap to download music onto my phone. I have Amazon Prime, so a lot of music is available free. The rest I purchase through my Amazon account. It really is seamless. I listen to that music through bluetooth headphones when I am traveling.
  9. First initial, last name, cell phone number.
  10. These are the 2 pairs of shoes I brought; https://www.zappos.com/p/dansko-paisley-chocolate-milled-nubuck-waterproof/product/8722031/color/806296 https://www.zappos.com/p/naot-kirei-black-leather-combo/product/7563148/color/99276 Both are keeping my narrow, long, flat, plantar fasciitis, broken toe feet as happy as can be expected while I tromp through moors and old battle fields and along city streets. And, both get a lot of wear in everyday life. I've had the Kireis for years.
  11. It's really ok. I really am ok. Loads of walking with an already injured foot = bringing the broken in, comfy, and still supportive shoes. The dumpy black flats feel like slippers and I walked miles in them today. Broken toe or not, when am I going to get here again? I'm seeing as much as I can. The toe I broke is the one next to my big toe, so it's easy to tape and keep stable. Still, it is swollen and sore, and that won't change any time soon. If I'm seriously tossed out of a dressy evening for wearing plain shoes that blend in with my tights under a nice skirt and top... I'll be shocked. I doubt I'll merit a second glance, and nobody will be ill mannered enough to question my choice of footwear.
  12. I totally get it. I wore the same clothes for 40 hours before my hotel room was ready. Dead tired, feeling very grungy, desperately needing a shower and a nap. But, my brown sweater and dark jeans didn't stand out at all when walking around the city.
  13. That's a tight connection, but do-able. You'll need to keep the pace up with no dawdling or bathroom breaks. If anything delays your flight out of AMS, you'll be doing the time-honored airport sprint. Plan your shoes and carry-on appropriately.
  14. A tip, make sure to measure the depth with the bag packed. ESPECIALLY if it's soft sided. A bag that barely fits within the allowed measurements may not work anymore after it's fully packed.
  15. Thanks! It isn't exactly warm in Scotland this time of year, so it should work out ok.
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