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  1. We also just got off the Getaway on Feb 7th in NOLA. I don't think the ship was docked until 9:30 due to the high winds. It was pretty much a cluster! Lines around the ship and lots of standing. We did self assist I think we finally got off at 11:30. Our flight was at 3:30, later delayed to 4:30.
  2. AH, Alas we are not Haven guests! It sounds like the food is not worth the fee when we could get free food elsewhere! Thanks for the reply!
  3. Tell me about the free lunch at Margaritaville? We sail out of New Orleans on Feb 2. I wanted to go there but my husband doesn't want to pay the fee. Is it only free on embarkation day? Are the drinks free if we have beverage package? Thanks!
  4. Yes! I was talking about Thirsty Cougar! For some reason I thought it was closer to town, we'll probably cab then We don't especially love tequila, but it would be fun to do a tasting somewhere. We'll check it out a Uvas
  5. We are going to do a cruise excursion at Playa Uvas (Kayak and snorkel) in the morning, then figure we'll make our way back to San MIguel and the ship. We like to walk, is it walkable along the beach or roads or should we plan to take a taxi back? Anywhere special to check out in town? I read that the thirsty coyote might be a neat place to check out. Any tequila tastings or tours that might be fun? Thanks!
  6. Thanks for the detail, and your experience. I really only want to check in twice a day to make sure everything at home is ok. There's nothing I can do thousands of miles away, but it's nice to be able to have contact!
  7. Great, thanks everyone. I did see the internet cafe or whatever and was wondering how that worked.
  8. SO, you could do this with carry-on luggage? The rep meets you at the airport with your bags?
  9. Hello! We have 100 minutes from a promo when we booked. We are on a 5 day on the Getaway. We really only need the minutes to check in our pet sitters, we have a really old dog. Just text message and email. Can anyone advise how it works? Do I access them thru the Norwegian app? I have Verizon and can get the $5/day international plan, but I'd rather use these free minutes first. Thanks!
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