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  1. Ditto ... we've done several Alaska cruises and one of the best (weather-wise and crowd-wise) was a late May/early June itinerary. Also, contrary to Dan's comment, we did an early September cruise that was repositioning from Vancouver to Los Angeles (with the typical Alaska ports) and had the worst weather - daily rain, rough seas, etc. ... So, as for the weather, hard to predict and "you gets what you gets". 😉
  2. Seabourn's offer was to transfer your booking (same category & same rate) to the sailing they selected (you didn't mention that date). They also offered you the option to select your own preferred date and they would transfer the payments and OBC to that date - no mention of the same category and rate. It's pretty clear what they offered you ... and not really "deception" on their part.
  3. Yep - that's where the "Ignore User" button is so nice. Just hover over her CC handle ... then click on the option "Ignore User" ... and you will never need to see any of her posts (unless you want to). 😊
  4. I'm interested in hearing about this "amazing private guide".
  5. TOTALLY agree! Some of the most desireable, expensive suites on a ship are in the worst locations if you are prone to motion sickness. 🤢
  6. Weather and seas are unpredictable very far out ... the old "You gets whatcha gets" is apropos
  7. Jan - We did the Alaska to Tokyo (different cruiseline ... sorry) last September. Great, interesting cruise ... but, yes, that one-way air was a "killer".😬
  8. Excursions will have a cancel/change date and time on tickets delivered to your stateroom. It's been my experience that they are easily changed (pending availability) up until that date & time.
  9. Wrong place for Roll Calls 😕
  10. That's Dominique ... one of the best GM's anywhere. He's always around the ship and very attentive to guests' needs.
  11. Some people are polite ... others - well, let's just say I would prefer not to sail with. 😉
  12. B3 Cruise Only - $8,499/pp ... O' Life w/Airfare - $10,099
  13. Dan - Not sure what county you are referring to ... we're in Riverside County and they just removed the mask requirements. However, if you intend going into any grocery store or other public place most of them require that you do wear a mask. Several cases in the last couple of days where customers were ask to leave since they were not wearing a mask and they became very upset - some to the point of violence. While the county has removed the requirement to wear one ... individual businesses can still require one.
  14. Ours was an Alaska cruise, round-trip out of Vancouver, and "unofficially" cancelled weeks earlier when Canada closed their ports to cruise ships.
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