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  1. If you like the team who serves you on the first night, you may be asked (as we have been many times on recent cruises), "Would you like to have this table for the rest of the cruise?" or "Would you like to have this table tomorrow night?" Having enjoyed our experience (and DH has a special-order diet), we usually stick with the same table for the remainder of the cruise. This does offer the "out" if you have a bad experience. I often hear the tale of my father's baked potato, never served to him, sitting on the server's station getting cold... within sight of him. They had only one bad experience, though - often repeated.
  2. Agreed. I hope people are discussing these concerns in their post-cruise surveys. DH and I just returned from a Caribbean Princess cruise -- chosen primarily by my brother's family the chance to go to Belize. (I thought, for sure, that my brother would scuba dive the Blue Hole, but he didn't.) I sure missed the food from HAL - especially breakfast and lunch in the World Marketplace (Lido). Overall, I enjoyed the cruise, but the dining room food was the best of the venues I experienced (Crown Grill, Salty Dog Grill, World Marketplace, Anytime Dining). During my Christmas cruise on the Rotterdam, I did not enjoy the YouTube sensation entertainer. We tried it twice, and we politely walked out before the show was finished. I had already seen the BBC Earth movie on the Rotterdam during Spring Break, but I did attend again (with a friend new to cruising). I knew when to cover my eyes, and by the music, I knew when I could look again. (haha)
  3. We will be traveling soon. The Rotterdam awaits! Any volunteer want to post while we are traveling? Lisa can't do it this time. The files are ready. It's just a copy/paste (and finding a daily picture if you are so inclined).
  4. The soft serve machine may be a bit out of sight, but they do have soft serve as well. My husband is the ice cream king, I think. ;p They used to have a board with the flavors listed, but on my last two trips, the board was empty without the daily info. Maybe they'll be posted on your cruise. Ask about the soft serve flavors of the day, but vanilla is the "always available." It's my husband's favorite.
  5. Moose's Tooth Pizza... if you can get there early. A line forms quickly by the locals... but it IS really good. If you get a chance during your trip to try reindeer sausage and haven't had it before... go for it. It is similar to smoked sausage but less greasy. We rented a car while in Anchorage once during a cruise. We had to get to the public library (reliable Internet access) for my husband to submit a paper for college work. We flew into Anchorage twice and rented a car to begin our journey on our own. We walked (younger days) to Earthquake Park from our hotel once, but we were violently consumed by mosquitoes and couldn't enjoy it (but if you are doing a tour, you'll probably already have protection from the little monsters). Since we were walking (several miles from the Millenium Hotel, we didn't have any bug protection with us. We also enjoyed walking downtown (4th Avenue and 5th Avenue). We parked on the roof of the mall on 5th (paid parking, if I remember correctly). There is also a zoo in Anchorage (but we've never been). That might be a let down if you seen animals in the wild, but I think they still have a polar bear! We usually use Anchorage as our supply stop, so we end up at stores to buy food, etc. for our car journey... but you won't need any of that info. We are also geocachers (free entertainment after the initial investment of the hiker's GPS... but now you can do it on a smart phone), so we've spent a lot of time doing that in Anchorage, too.
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