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  1. I wish I could delete the post because I got my answer, but we will fly in the night before and stay at at hotel at the port. We wouldn't have jet lag because we're going to Dublin for a few days before the cruise (flying from Dublin to Rome), but that is a valid point for those coming from farther away.
  2. In order of favorite specialty restaurant to least favorite, which do you like: Ocean Blue, Le Bistro, Moderno, Wasabi, Cagney's, La Cucina. We have a package for 4 specialty dining, so I want to do 1 of 4 different places.
  3. Sailing the Getaway in June in a Haven suite- we got 4 nights specialty dining free so I'm trying to figure out which restaurants to check out. Which ones are your favorites? Are they all included (for example, I see the Moderno is $39, cagneys a la carte).
  4. Thanks, I loved reading your review! We are doing a cruise on the getaway spa suite, so this was nice to read. Also I have read A Gentleman in Moscow and loved it- great book!
  5. I appreciate you asking this because I'll be booking excursions as well and did not know how it works.
  6. We cruised with a 10 and 13 year old and honestly, most nights they wanted to be alone. We took it as an opportunity to get "alone time". The kids saw a few shows with us and then usually they either wanted to go to the kids club (one in teen and one other age group), or they ran (I say this figuratively- I hope!) around the ship together. They enjoyed checking things out, getting pizza together, dessert, etc.
  7. It really comes down to money. Ocean would be the best and nicest, but if you save a lot, I would opt for boardwalk. As well, if you like people watching, then you might like it.
  8. I never knew they were supposed to have sound. I don't think it's a huge deal, honestly. If you have a phone, put some ocean sounds on there as a solution?
  9. Nah, maybe your cruise had less people and more chair availability, but when I went on oasis a month ago, the chair hogs were out in full force. I kept track and so many people would disappear for more than an hour. I did not see one crew worker removing towels/items.
  10. Thanks for the info! We are doing getaway in june but out of rome- not sure how similar it will be, but helpful info!
  11. I would say that once you get to the point that you are bored, it's time to try a different cruise line or another type of trip.
  12. ooh I did not know you could do that! Guess the reduced deposit might be worth it. Good to know!
  13. Your title made me laugh(: Of course it's possible! We just did it. We opted to pay as we go. Immediately upon boarding, we were given champagne. There is also the art auction. We did the drink of the day, which was usually $8-$9. We did have our wine we brought and ended up buying a couple of other bottles. All in all we spent a couple hundred on alcohol and did not feel deprived.
  14. sorry that's happening:( We were on the Oasis end December and it was totally smooth until the day before last. I noticed movement but it wasn't bad. I get seasick easily so don't think I would do well on those small ships.
  15. Yes! Oasis does and they do a lot of activities. There is the family, teen, and adult karaoke and you can reserve a private room as well. We did it and it was tons of fun. My son also won the "sing that tune" game, which was great to watch. contestants had to run up to finish the lines of the songs.
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