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  1. I live just north of there so that would be amazing, but Stockton's not really a place I'd suggest anyone visits....I would be really happy with more west coast sailings, especially leaving out of SF.
  2. Thanks for the awesome review! Read through it all and loved the pictures of everything- it was very helpful and interesting to read!
  3. What have you requested and/or gotten in the Haven? What have been your favorite foods, snacks, and drinks? Pictures would be great if you have them.
  4. Thanks everyone, we ended up doing the interior! I figure that with the window and greenery, it will feel like outside and we can just walk around the ship to get that ocean view.
  5. we booked Haven straight off. It's important to me to get exactly what I want and am expecting. I want to be able to choose the room, location, etc. I wouldn't bet on upgrading, as I'm pretty sure the ship will be full or near capacity.
  6. Thank you so much for posting. I ended up switching my room to one without a pole. I wanted the table with two chairs but all of those were under the gym so I opted for the other side.
  7. Getaway haven spa. I had done so much research and missed this until I stumbled upon a cruise critic post about it. Glad it's possible to switch, thanks!
  8. Yes, I did but could not find the exact room on a video. I did see others to get an idea. I booked the haven spa room for the spa pass, but also because I loved the location of the tub right by the window(: I opted not to upgrade to the haven courtyard because it did not have the spa hahah. We all have our preferences(;
  9. Will Norwegian change a person's room for free or is there a fee? Not looking to change categories or people, just rooms...after doing more research it seems some rooms have poles in the rooms and some do not. My room has one and looking to change.
  10. In doing research, I saw that someone mentioned some spa suites had poles and others did not, as well as some having a sofa/chaise and others having a table and two chairs. I am trying to picture in my head what these look like and which configuration would be preferable. I looked for pictures but can't seem to find any of the furniture set up. Anyone have pictures or remember what you had and if one seemed preferable to another?
  11. Thank you. That was it. I'm just confused and trying to figure out if it's worth getting one of the Aqua rooms. I was hoping to hear someone's experience with it.
  12. Sorry, I meant the Aqua Class Suites in Celebrity.
  13. Has anyone experienced both of these? Which did you prefer?
  14. I can't seem to find the answer. Is it just personal option, or does one provide better overall views? Is there a better deck to be on? Is is super loud (maybe lower is louder)? Or does it really not matter?
  15. Well would love Santorini and Mykonos...I found a cruise that says "Greek Isles" but no santorini on that one:( Does Athens, Mykonos, and Argostoli though. Having trouble finding one that has all I want(:
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