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  1. A vaccine most likely...we are scheduled to go in June, but I am pretty sure that won't be happening. I would love to go, but only if things were really safe.
  2. Our in-laws want to take a Panama Canal cruise next Thanksgiving break. I usually opt for the larger ships with more to do, but do like the itinerary on this one. I would also love to join them, but am concerned with the size of the ship and whether there will be enough to entertain the kids, who will be 12 and 15 at the time of the cruise. What are your thoughts?
  3. We are scheduled to go on a med cruise leaving from Rome in June. It's technically still on, but we aren't going anywhere...right now the governor has us sheltering in place and schools probably not going back until next year. Trump is saying this will probably go until June/July. So I need to cancel my flights, hotels, cruise. I looked at pricing for next June and it's gone up a crazy amount versus what we paid. We had a Haven spa suite and now it looks like we will only be able to get a balcony room. Would you take the credit and just wait it out a while? Or do you think things are going to book up as people start using their credit? At this point there's no refund, even if they cancel, right?
  4. so I checked with my MIL because they will be canceling her Hawaii cruise for next month. She called NCL and they told her she had a year to book the cruise but could book it up until 2022.
  5. oh wow!!! This affects my in laws, who had a Hawaiian cruise planned early april. Wonder how this will work.
  6. I missed that as well...so that doesn't give us such a big window anymore. Even if we rebook for next summer, it would have to be really early summer and that means we would have to wait until right before our cruise to rebook- otherwise we would not be able to go any other time:(
  7. I'm on the same Getaway cruise as you and likewise, prices haven't gone down. They are still higher than when we booked by about $2,000 for two.
  8. So questions I have...if we have $10,000 we spent on a cruise, can we split this up into more than one future cruise? What about if we had 2 people going and now want to downgrade but take family of 4? Or will it only apply to the 2 people on the original reservation? If the cruise goes down in price, can I get the rest in OBC?
  9. Thanks! I guess we can see how things go the next 2 weeks. I would really hate to cancel. Would hope they would refund the insurance, plus anything else paid towards the cruise (like taxes/tips).
  10. 2 is what I would like to do each year. Being a teacher with kids in school, there's only so many breaks we have (and the prices are always way more!) I agree, I love that this is in place.
  11. You are living the good life! Have fun and enjoy! Good to have a back up plan in place, but so much can change day by day.
  12. Hahah yup. We're only sailing in December so I'm not worried at this point, just curious(:
  13. I wonder how this applies to someone who booked through costco.
  14. I'm confused by the 90 day thing. Had you paid your full payment yet? We have a June 18 getaway from Rome and our full payment was due 3 weeks ago. We still want to wait things out and see how things go, but would be nice to know if and when we are able to still get a refund. We also paid for a few flights with points and a couple others that are nonrefundable...but we will have an issue if our Europe to Europe flights get cancelled and the cruise does not, since we won't be able to get to Rome easily.
  15. Bummed out. We were doing our 15 anniversary getaway italy/greece cruise and totally splurged with Haven...used miles to get business class flights to Dublin first a few days, then fly to rome, then back to the UK and then back to the US. We're very healthy as well- although I will say that this past Nov. we caught something nasty that knocked us out for the first time EVER. I got pneumonia and husband was in the hospital for a few days with a collapsed lung. Not being able to breathe was super scary and not fun. Took about three weeks to get things started back to normal. And we are in excellent health...so it worries me when dh's work tells them today that they are putting restrictions on Italy and being advised not to go there. I hate to change plans because maybe we won't be affected and if we are quarantined, at least we have a nice room. But our kids will be with family and it complicates things. Also even if we opted to swap cruises, we might have the same issues, seeing as it has made its way to the US. And prices have gone up so I doubt we can get the same room for a swap...most likely they will say "here's the value you paid, you can apply it"...our same room on the med cruise now is almost $3,000 more. So at this point not sure what we will do...we'll be out flights if we switch, and not sure it will do much good to switch.
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