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  1. I get a few different varieties on different days. But the things that are really great, is the fresh watermelon and all the fresh salsa's!!
  2. We're booked on the Horizon in April 2021, so i hope you'll be ok! I want to go on a short cruise in November but i got the big negative from the boss.
  3. Hey now! It showed up last week for our Horizon April 17 2021 sailing. Someone from our rollcall/grp must have checked and then posted. I got one, and at least 6 others posted that they did. It is nice to get one, too bad we couldnt use some of that juicy obc for it! Bye for now.
  4. We enjoy the Seafood Shack(Shanty) we like to get a platter and relax on the Lido. We have gotten the lobster roll and steamed shrimp too. It's all pretty good, and a good value!
  5. Grand Cayman has some shopping right at the port area. It is very modern, and you will have no issues. Jamaica, has some vendors and shopping in the port area but they are a little more agressive. You wont have any issues but it isnt grand cayman. Have fun!
  6. I sailed the Vista twice in 2018, and we have a cruise on Horizon booked for April. The Vista class ships are our favorite now. We went back to the Breeze last year and we felt a difference. It seemed a little more crowded and like there were less activities/things to do. The Vista class has great restaurants and it never felt over crowded. The spa is nice and the havana area is fun. We havent stayed in a havana cabim but the bar area is a good place to relax. Have fun!
  7. Google gave me this: 1850 Eller Dr, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316
  8. We're on a 4-26 sailing, and it disappeared a few days ago from the list. Probs still sold out, but i keep trying.
  9. I'll be on the Horizon in April, and i'll tell you what i'll do. When i'm on, i'll be check from the windows to the walls!! Then, i'll report back.
  10. We really like the seafood shack! They have some of the best tartar sauce, Ev-AHH! We like to get the platter and share while we're watching Lido deck antics! The lobster roll was ok, but the mayo level can be a little heavy handed sometimes. But, yes, seafood shack is def worth the splurge!
  11. We love the Vista class ships! Soo much to do, and never feel its over crowded. However, a smaller ship like the Freedom would be easier with a 2yo. We went back to the Breeze after cruising on the Vista, and we felt like there wasnt as much to do, and we almost felt bored. So we are cruising on the Horizon this year. The ports i wanted were on a smaller ship and i lost out. But, i get to pick next year. It depends if you think you'll ever get to the ports you want. We are only on this rock for so long, and i'd rather see a new place than a ship.
  12. We have done both, and the Horizon has more activities! We loved the breeze and have sailed her several times but the new ships have more things to do. The 7 day itin is way better than the 6, but the horizon is way better then the breeze. Based on your question, the 7 day is the better choice. The ports are 1st time cruise friendly, and 7 days is better than 6. Safe travels!
  13. When i was on the Vista, i got coffee and espresso at the Havana bar, and they did have a coffee menu. I dont think they will be able to do all of the coffee-shop style drinks but they can make some of the options. I dont know if they stamp the coffee card at the havana bar, either.
  14. I think we had this last April on the Breeze. Like anything, new items will be hit or miss, and there is always the potential for a new fave! But, looking forward to our next cruise so we can see for sure.
  15. We travel with fiance's daughter, and we all have diff last names. They have passports. We took her niece a few yrs ago, she has same last name as her, we took a parental letter and was never asked, she also had a passport. We are taking her nephew this year, same last name, and will probs take a letter, even though it may be redundant. If you have a passport for your child, you should be fine.
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