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  1. We travel with fiance's daughter, and we all have diff last names. They have passports. We took her niece a few yrs ago, she has same last name as her, we took a parental letter and was never asked, she also had a passport. We are taking her nephew this year, same last name, and will probs take a letter, even though it may be redundant. If you have a passport for your child, you should be fine.
  2. The robe is one of my favorite parts of my cruise! When i was a kid i loved hawkeye on mash, always wearing his robe. So as i've been an adult, i have randomly worn my robe as ibsee fit. As soon as i found out how much people dont like to see people in robes, i try to wear mine around quite a bit. I do my best to not "hang brain" but sometimes a sea breeze does blow by.....
  3. drgonzogoo

    Renting a jeep?

    Hey now! We usually rent a jeep and drive down the island to the reggae bar. Have a drink, take pics at the blowhole. Then drive to coconuts, and have some lunch. Then we make our way back through town, and try to get gas at one of the stations that isnt right across from the port. We will stop at any random place that looks cool. The last time we did this was 2017, and we will be back in April. The new stop now is the one of the pharmacies to pick up some cheap items witout a script. I think we also get the insurance because it cant hurt, right? My understanding regarding fender benders is, try to avoid them. Be safe and have fun!
  4. We just booked a spa balcony for April, the same itin also. I did this on the Vista last year and really liked it. Super excited to try the Horizon. Did you do any specialty dining or chef's table?
  5. Skyride: free Cucina @ lunch: free Jiji @ lunch: free Serenity salad bar: free, open at least during lunch on seadays. Sauna's: not free Guys bbq: free, lunch time on seadays Free pizza at the back of the ship 24/7 but the wait can be long at times. Most room service is free, a few items have a small fee now. There is a delivery fee after 1030pm(i think) to cut down on late night room service waste. I loved the Vista, and am anxious to try horizon.
  6. I replaced someone last year, about 30 to 40 days prior to sailing and had to pay 250. It sucks to pay any fee for what we percieve to be a small change but it was better than BIL having to cruise by himself.
  7. Jamaica was one of the more agressive vendor ports i've been to. They are set-up so you have to walk paat them on your way out of the port. You'll have souvenir options and tour options. Shop around for prices, and watch the souvenir vendor trick of "here is something for free". Jamaica was really nice, and we are going back in April. Have fun!
  8. We love the spa rooms, and have had balcony and interior. The upgraded toiletries are nice, and the robe is a little nicer. On the Dream class, the thelasso pool is much bigger than the Vista, i havent been on the Horizon yet but would imagine it's the same. I seem to recall thinking i liked the saunas on the Vista more than the Magic/Breeze. Spa rooms are super convenient to Lido. We have a spa balcony booked on the Horizon in April, and am very excited! Definitely go for a spa room!!
  9. I just talked to my parents that were on this cruise. The only thing they mentioned was that they stopped at an island in the bahamas early saturday(i believe it was saturday) morning due to a medical issue. They said one of their tablemates mentioned a possible reason but i wont pass along specualtion. They are pretty oblivious so if there was a 2nd issue, it's possible that they wouldnt have known.
  10. The Vista is my favorite ship now! Trying to sail on the Horizon next year. We loved all of the stuff to do, and never felt crowded at all, especially the Havanna bar area. Great crew and a great ship!
  11. Well, after i went through a few pages of the princess board i decided against even posting there. I appreciate the replies, and i believe i will recommend princess to my parents for their annual bday cruise but we will skip them for now. We enjoy all of the shenanigans and antics on the Lido and would probs be really bored if it wasnt like that. Thanks again everyone, and Baba Booey to you all!
  12. HEY NOW! We're thinking of trying a cruise on Regal Princess for several reasons, but as we enjoy a robust crowd, we are wondering if we'll be bored. We mostly hang around the pool area, does Princess have anything going on around the pool during the day? Im going to post in the Princess forum too, so woah woah woah stop the clock. Any info would be appreciated! Thanks
  13. Seriously, last time we asked and the room steward brought one.
  14. They had one flavor of Truly in April. The Claw is law. Just kidding, imbibe as you see fit.
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