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  1. No, but I imagine they are putting it out there for consumer confidence for when they can re-start the programme. Until the insurance industry can sort out insurance I for one will not be travelling and I say that with a heavy heart as I love cruising. In my household is my 70 year old Dad who had Covid19 recently whilst we’ve been in lock down abroad and was hospitalised with a DVT and pulmonary embolism. I can’t risk bringing Covid19 into our home when he’s in the U.K.
  2. Marella has been the darling of TUI U.K. & Ireland for a long time bringing in profits. I wouldn’t think it would be in for the chop - the company will continue with its asset rich strategy - it’s own airline it’s own ships it’s own hotel brands (Riu - TUI Blue - Sensatori etc) but cutting costs - I don’t think Celebration was selling well and that’s why they took forward her retirement. Tough decisions - no one wants another Thomas Cook debacle.
  3. My source hasn’t revealed anything - Marella have really kept their cards close to their chests. Information about the Celebration and the new cancellations they revealed this week went public before my source was made aware.
  4. You must have been on a list to call - they can’t save numbers on the telephony system - your 200 calls would have been noted on their stats as calls waiting/received but that’s about it.
  5. I think they have crunched numbers and looked at cancellations they’ve had and trimming costs. Does Dream belong to Marella or is it on a lease? I don’t understand how it works I’m just guessing. Can it be returned to the owner maybe enforcing a force majeur clause? Now is not the time to bring new customers to cruise - people are going to be cautious for a long time. A smaller fleet until they can be sure if the sales. I wonder what they would do with D2 until Feb 2021? Where do you store cruise ships?
  6. I couldn’t find how to edit my post - more announcement in press today. https://www.worldofcruising.co.uk/marella-cruises-to-restart-summer-2020-sailings-this-july/
  7. Taken from TUI website about cancelled sailings. o All sailings on Marella Celebration o Sailings on Marella Discovery 2 up to 30 April 2021 o Sailings on Marella Dream up to 4 May 2021 o Marella Discovery sailings in December 2020 and January 2021 o Marella Explorer 2 sailings between 5 May 2021 to 20 October 2021 So all passengers due to travel on Celebrstion in summer 2021 will be upgraded for free to that ship, where they have children and can’t use that ship they will be given the credit refund note and 20% incentive instead. Explorer 2 to home port in Dubrovnik and pull out of Naples. The Far East sailings are cancelled for this upcoming winter. Discovery 2 will start in March 2021 covering the Pathos sailings Celebration was meant to do and again those customers will be upgraded to that ship. The itinerary will be on sale in June. Customers on Discovery’s transatlantic sailing for this winter can transfer over to the new sailing which will be in Feb 2021.
  8. https://www.ttgmedia.com/news/marella-cancels-sailings-until-end-of-june-22672 Yes confirmed this morning.
  9. My last one travelled on was Discovery in March 2019 2 weeks in Far East. I was supposed to travel on D2 in March 2020 2 weeks out of Montego Bay but cancelled due to Covid19. Rebooked that cruise to D2 1 week Greek Getaway May 22nd but that’s been cancelled so waiting for my credit note. Hoping to rebook a winter cruise - probably the original 2 week cruise out of Montego Bay for March 2021.
  10. https://www.ttgmedia.com/news/marella-cancels-sailings-until-end-of-june-22672
  11. The restart will be without Celebration which has been announced as being retired from the fleet from now.
  12. It’s just been announced Celebration is being retired from now. Sorry guys not the news we’d wanted to hear - I was hoping to book the Gulf to Med crossing in March 2021.
  13. My source has said that the repositional Sunshine & Jazz has sold well - and they’re happy with the response so far for the other dates. Good to have a cruise to look forward to - however those prices aren’t tempting me at the moment. I’m looking at a 2 week on with New York in May 2021 but I’ll hold my nerve.
  14. Hello all, My source at TUI has told me that they have reconsidered the decision they originally made and will now allow US passport holders and dual citizens of the USA/other countries to travel on their new USA sailings in summer 2021.
  15. Summer 2021 on sale now on the TUI website. Noticed the premium AI has increased it seems to £60ppw. Some errata from Marella for these American cruises: If you are a U.S. citizen (this includes those with dual citizenship) you are not allowed to sail on this itinerary. Passengers under the age of 21 can not travel on their own and must have someone on the booking who is 21 or over. If you book a back to back cruise, on changeover day midway through your cruise it will be necessary to for you to disembark the ship to comply with U.S. Customs and Immigration. Information as to when this will be done will be given to you onboard the ship. When in U.S. territorial waters where the legal minimum drinking age is 21, no one under the age of 21 may purchase or drink alcohol onboard the ship. When filling out your ESTA application you will be asked to enter a U.S. contact address. For those of you who have a hotel stay included in your holiday use your hotel address, if you're only cruising with us please put "in transit".
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