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  1. Hello everyone! I will be in COZ in a couple weeks and "normally" rent Jetskis from Mr. Sanchos, however I waited too long to book and now they are sold out. I'm wondering if PARADISE BEACH CLUB rents Jet Skis? We will NOT be staying all day there so we don't want to have to pay for an "all inclusive", we just want to come, Jet Ski and then leave. Can anyone tell me if this is possible and can I reserve in advance? Thanks so much!! Jeff
  2. Looking at most of the Carnival excursions, seems that to do anything requires a 90 minute bus ride to the location. Any suggestions for something that is a little close to Belize City?
  3. Cruising to Belize in January. Trying to find something to do. Interested in "San Pedro" (Which is the Isle that Madonna sings about in La Isla Bonita) - Wondering if anyone has taken the Ferry from Belize City to this island and if so what you did there for the day?? Thanks!
  4. I’ve sailed on almost all of Carnival’s fleet, and I do not like the Vista class ships. Would not sail again on that class if you paid me. Horizon is very similar to Vista so here’s what I didn’t like: 1. Due to the IMAX (who uses that anyway?) in the middle of the ship, there is no grand atrium in the lobby with the typical glass elevators - this makes it feel very small and closed in and crowded. 2. No nightclub which means that the theater “converts” to a nightclub, which means all the theater seating is REMOVABLE- this means there are no tables to set drinks during the shows which means people SPILL drinks during shows by accidentally kicking them over. Also not as much seating as a typical carnival theater and it also sucks as a nightclub cause it’s too “open” and the music echos. 3. Lido deck is crowded ALL THE TIME. Bad layout - not enough chairs 4. Whole ship feels “cramped” and passenger flow doesn’t make sense. ive sailed on almost all of the Carnival ships and the Vista is BY FAR the worst I’ve been on. My favorites are the Magic and the Pride. I will also say that I’ve sailed on Royals Harmony of the Sea last year, which has 6,000 passengers and I never felt “crowded” at all and couldn’t believe that many ppl were on board .... but we were at capacity. So it’s NOT the number of passengers on the Vista .... it’s the poor design of the ship.
  5. I’ll be on the Magic in a couple weeks on January 27th!! Can’t wait!!! How was the cruise director??
  6. I’ve used premium on Carnival on the Pride, Conquest, and the Magic. While it’s not as fast as my Verizon LTE at home .... it’s not bad for the sea. Once you go premium you’ll never go back.
  7. Hi - I’m wondering if there will be taxis when we get off the ship willing to take us to mountain top ... then just drop us off downtown for some shopping? I really don’t want to get stuck taking a several hour “tour” - they can get boring. But I’d like to see mountain top and do shopping - is this possible and also any idea the cost? Haven’t been to St Thomas in over 10 years .... thanks!!!
  8. Hello! Will be in Grand Turk in Feb 2019 (like 74 days!) and want to rent ATV's - Just wondering, with all the hurricanes last year ... what company still rents ATV's? A couple years ago I rented from Omar, but there's some bad reviews online that said he went out of business? Not sure if anyone has rented from Omar/GrandTurkAdventures recently? What about Max KART? Any "new" place I don't know of that rents ATV's (NOT golf carts). Any recent experience renting them is appreciated. I don't want to go on a "tour" --- I want to explore on my own. Thanks!
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