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  1. Hi. I often travel solo on cruises and much prefer Freedom dining. It is much more flexible and you can meet different people if you wish, or meet up with new friends who you may meet along the way during the cruise. It was a bit daunting the first time I did it but I love it now. I usually join the Roll Call and also have joined in on the solo table for the afternoon tea in the restaurant. I hope you enjoy yourself.....of course it will be different but stay positive and you will meet some lovely new friends.
  2. Thank you.....I’m 70 in October 😫 so was hoping to get a few in before then 😆. Hopefully next year will bring an immunization jab so I’m canceling my 70th this year due to Coronavirus and staying at 69 until next October 😆. Stay safe and hopefully this is not the end yet for cruising for you and all of us seniors.
  3. Me too.....2nd one. Ist one Covid 19.😷 2nd One itinerary change 🙁
  4. I managed to get through on 22nd March....day of original cruise. I got a refund for the cruise and shore excursions last week (24th April) on the separate cards I’d paid on and the outstanding deposit they owed me I received today (1st May). It took a while but they are getting there. It’s a difficult situation and it’s not only TUI who are taking a while to sort out the refunds (see other forums). I’m sure everyone will receive their refunds eventually but it’s understandably a worrying time. Hope this answer helps. Stay safe and well everyone . Olwen 😊🛳
  5. Hi. I’m booked on this cruise this year (23rd October) so really hope it goes ahead. I’ve been on Britannia before but not done a TA. I’m on the roll call for this so if anyone else is going please join in. Stay safe everyone.
  6. Booked for Discovery Pride of Panama and Secret Shores for 29/12. Should have been on Explorer 2 now but will rebook when refund arrives for same next March. Something to look forward to 🛳🙂. Stay safe and well everyone.
  7. Yes I’ve had my next 2 cancelled too 🙁 but will be looking forward to rebooking as soon as possible. Stay well everyone 🛳🏖😊💞
  8. Solos because not all solos are single.....just my opinion 😊
  9. 22nd March out of Barbados on Marella Explorer 2 for 2 weeks. Flying from Manchester. Anyone else?
  10. Hi. When I was on Explorer 2 earlier this year I could only get Chardonnay by buying a bottle. The bars didn’t have Chardonnay at all even if I upgraded. The house wines were fine if you like Pinot Grigio or Sauvignon so I just went on the cocktails 🍸 😂.
  11. I was in 5037 single outside on Explorer 2 in April. Nice square window and quiet, convenient position. Have booked it again for the Caribbean next year. It is a double cabin but one of the ones allocated for single occupancy.
  12. 👍🏽..... found it on the Second attempt. Thank you.....that’s me on the hunt now 🚢😆
  13. Having trouble finding either TUI or Marella on search page.....🤔🤔
  14. I was on Explorer 2 in April 5037 single outside..... lovely cabin with a window. Booked on Discovery single outside deck 3 and there are only 15 in a row all of which have windows not portholes. Research is essential and always ask the question on these or other forums.....they are a great help. As for the pricing.....it’s an unfortunate downside of solo cruising but it’s the same with holidays, hotels etc. I do wish that this could be addressed and made fairer especially as more and more people are requiring solo travel for all sorts of reasons but I’ll not hold my breath 🥴😆. Happy travels to all solo cruisers.....just ensure you get your money’s worth 🚢🎉🥂🍹
  15. Thanks for this heads up. Looking to book for New Year 2020 for a big birthday 🎂. Caribbean here we come 😊
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