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  1. I bought a Wheelchair bag by Vive thru Amazon.com which has been great for caring around stuff.. Quite roomy. I think it's better than the holder from fold and go. I also recommend some type of hook such as a large Caribeener (I bought Hero clips, a little pricey but they are great for caring bags, even hooking a suitcase to pull behind the chair..I use 2). Not sure how tall you are but I also got the armrest extension so it gives me a little more room for my arm to operate ,(I'm 6'1”, 300+ lbs) and I got the foot extension which makes my legs more comfortable but you may not need those extension but I do recommend the bag and hooks of some kind. I also got the cupholder which is Handy for drinks... Thanks for the referral. Best of luck, bon voyage
  2. Just a quick report on my Fold and Go electric wheelchair, heavy duty up to 365 lbs and weights 57 lbs. I just finished an 18 day Panama Canal cruise then visited friends in Kansas city and New Orleans for another 3 weeks. Got around great, no issues. Held its charge well but I don't let it go much before half before I recharge it. Hauled my bulky body asking with clips that held 3 bags plus tossed my large suitcase around (I use the Hero Clips.. They work great books to the back of the chair then put bags /suitcase handle on the hooks). Everyone was impressed with how the chair folds up and rolls like a suitcase, especially airline personnel.
  3. I meant City, not cut Sent from my Moto G (5) Plus using Forums mobile app
  4. Or buying drugs... Not a good idea for tourists in any cut Sent from my Moto G (5) Plus using Forums mobile app
  5. Prices change often. I'd say it is highly unlikely it would canceled. Sit back and stay dreaming about your cruise. Best advice I can give is relax, you're on vacation. Everything won't be perfect but sit back and make memories that will help you forget any imperfections. Pack lighter than you think you should and have fun. Reading through these forums gives you lots of great info. Happy cruising Bill T
  6. Many thanks Turtles 06. I appreciate your review especially the day of transit through the Canal. I fully agree with you that activities and food on board are very subjective but I appreciate all views, and then make up my own mind. I also don't cruise for the qualities of food. I'm an old bachelor so I just appreciate someone else fixing the food. I also very much enjoy The Great Outdoors and spent most of my 14 day cruise on the Gem back there. I enjoy just relaxing, enjoying the vastness of the ocean and the occasional glimpse of another ship, birds and fish. You write a very interesting post and beautiful pictures. I wish I could afford the luxerious accommodation but I'll be fine in my little cabin.. Lol. Again, my thanks... Bill Bill T
  7. Thank you The Other Bill... Bill T
  8. Thank you both for your replies. I do live in NYS currently but I did live many years in the Gulf South so I'm pretty accustomed to the heat and humidity. I'm looking forward to it, in fact, as some relief for mid winter NYS LOL. Bill T
  9. I'm wondering where is a good spot on the ship to spend the day transversing the Canal. I especially like pictures of scenery along the way. The Gem has a great Outdoor bar and buffet on the aft deck.. Would that be a good spot? My mobility is limited and I can't be running all over the ship. You can move from Port to starboard daily on this aft deck location. Thanks for any recommendations Bill T
  10. I'm glad I'm just a plain ol' drink. I'll drink whatever they put in front of me and enjoy the hell of of it because I'm CRUISING and NOT WORKING. Bill T
  11. Check out foldandgowheelchairs.com Bill T
  12. Fold and Go regular chairs chairs hold up to 265 lbs and the Heavy Duty is 365 lbs I believe. I've had mine for about 6 months and love it. It folds up to the size of a large suitcase, weights between 46-56 lbs depending on model, fits nicely in my car. It's not the speediest, about 3-4 mph but that is average walking speed. It has gone up tables and inclined that I've encountered with no power problems. It has worked on on dry grass and packed gravel but not as good in loose gravel. I have the heavy duty with width extended and it fits through all the doors I've encountered. I'm be taking it on my Panama Canal cruise this winter. I imagine folks have very good reasons for liking their scooter but this one is American made and water proof which was very important to me. If you should choose Fold and Go, contact me back so I can give you my name. I can get a referral bonus but that is not my basis for giving this electric folding wheelchair a good review.. Bill Bill T
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