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  1. My sister and I did a HA cruise from Amsterdam up to Honningsvag Norway and back to Amsterdam. Loved every port we stopped at. In Honningvag, we rented a car and drove to the small fishing villages in the area. Loved it! We did some excursions and some walking around on our own in a couple towns. The scenery is spectacular - we took the train from Flam, took a bus tour to Mt. Dalsnibba and a boat ride to the base of Pulpit Rock. We walked a large portion of Bergen and Alesund. I would really like to do that cruise again, there was so much to see.
  2. Thank you for the information Johnymcc45, we ended up booking everything on our own - unfortunately, neither my hubby or I are yet 67, but I do not mind paying full price for this train trip - I think it will be well worth the money. We have booked 2 nights in Oslo at the "Scandic Victoria" and plan on doing the Hop On - Hop Off in Oslo. We are also going to purchase the "Pre-paid Museum Entry Plan" along with the bus. My husband and I are not sure about taking the train from the Oslo Airport to the Main Terminal as our flight from Vancouver BC, Canada gets in around 9:30 pm and we think that might be too late at night to be wandering around trying to find our hotel.... I have been to Bergen before, so we decided to go straight from the Scenic Oslo - Bergen train right to the Viking ship. We will be staying extra in Reykjavik as well - on our own! Thank you again for the information, very helpful. I am now even more excited to be taking this pre-trip! (My family is from Norway - still have relatives in Bergen and had family in Oslo!)
  3. Peregrina651, I have a few options considered for Reykjavik accommodations - all near downtown. I always look for hotels with buffet breakfasts included, at least we can fill up in the morning and hopefully keep us going for awhile. 😄 We will be cruising in August so hopefully the weather will be fine. I have been to Norway and know about the high prices for food and bevy's. I will just keep on going with my plans and not worry about the Viking packages. We have planned our own pre and post visits before - I was just thinking that the Viking pre and post packages would be easier to book and do it all with just one payment. LOL. I agree with you on the bathrooms - we've had our fair share of doozies, but as long as the water in the shower is hot and the toilet flushes - we are happy. Please let us all know all about your trip next June, I always look forward to peoples travel stories on cruise critic.
  4. Thank you all for the suggestions. I phoned Viking and they are definitely sold out. We are going to book our own pre and post extensions as suggested. 🙂 I have found a hotel in Oslo that I am impressed with and will book it tomorrow. I have not decided on Reykjavik yet, some options are very expensive! The lady on the Viking phone mentioned that Viatour would be a good place to look at for excursions. I am impressed with their selections. I'm thinking of also booking a couple excursions with Viatour instead of the Viking ship.... I just have to wait and see what Viking charges for certain excursions - like the Circle Tour and the Southern Iceland tour.
  5. So sorry LeRenardrouge; I see now that my original post did not make sense... my husband and I were excited to think we could book a pre-cruise package before our Viking trip next August. It is not booked yet, we jumped the gun and got excited about this Oslo and train idea BEFORE we tried to book it through our TA. We were hoping to book the Oslo for two days, take the train and then board our ship in Bergen for our cruise - all through Viking. Our travel agent has been getting conflicting answers to her questions when she has talked to a Viking agent on the phone about booking it for us. A coupe of times, the Viking agent has stated the pre-extension and post-extension packages are either sold out or not yet available.... I was just hoping that the packages were not yet available for booking yet as opposed to being sold out. As Liz Masterson mentioned, the reason we want to go through Viking with the pre-cruise package is because of the ease with luggage and transfers, as well as meeting fellow cruisers before we embark onto Viking Sky. I hope my TA will keep up with phoning them to get an answer. Did not occur to me that these two optional pre and post cruise packages would not be offered for our dates.... sad face.
  6. Darling husband and I are booked on the August 8, 2020 Iceland's Majestic Landscapes Tour. We are so excited to book the pre-extension tours offered by Viking; 2 nights in Oslo with train to Bergen and then 2 nights in Reykjavik, Iceland after the cruise. So, our cruise is just over 300 days away. My travel agent has tried to book these two excursions for us, but they either come up "Sold Out" or not yet available.... any body who has booked these pre and post excursions - how far in advance were you able to book them? I think we are way, way to early, but they are advertised on the web site, so I assumed (wrongly) that they would be available for purchase. Any help would be appreciated. Thank yo in advance.
  7. My husband and are also on this cruise, and will also check the roll call private tour options. Thank you for the information. 🙂
  8. I wonder how the cruise ship industry thinks they are going to fill all these ships? Is there a huge waiting list now for people wanting to cruise but cannot because there is no room? I just cannot imagine that many more people will be jumping on the band wagon to go cruising??
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