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  1. Regarding specialty restaurants: if you like a good steak, the Crown Grill is great IMO. Their Filet Mignon (or Tenderloin, can’t recall what they call it) has never let me down, I get it Medium Rare. And they have great starters (Lobster Cake or French Onion Soup amongst others) and some great desserts too. Also, you can order from the Crown Grill menu in the MDR as well (at least you could last summer on the Emerald!) for $19 per person and they’ll bring you the steak and the sides (garlic fries, green beans, spinach, a bunch of stuff) but not any starters or dessert (you can order MDR items/dessert to complement the steak). Enjoy! I love Alaska too, so beautiful!
  2. A couple of people in Tokyo are now confirmed to have the disease, including a taxi driver. So Japan may soon have other worries than quarantining one cruise ship.
  3. Anybody have experience with other Princess ships and how they have adjusted things in the last couple of weeks to respond to this threat? Increased passenger illness screening on check-in? Staff serving at the buffets instead of guests serving themselves? Anything?
  4. Yes, it will be interesting to see if net new cases on the ship start to decline by the end of this week. I would imagine there are some epidemiologists that are watching this very closely!
  5. I'm no expert, but I feel like there is a high likelihood that a small number of crew were infected near the beginning of this situation and if they were preparing and/or delivering food to passengers, this would be a vector for the virus to infect many more people. Given the strict in-room quarantine in the early stages (before they let people out to walk the decks) it seems like crew>passenger is the most likely thing that caused a majority of these passenger infections. Not sure we'll ever really know for sure though. Seems clear that this disease is very contagious in close quarters.
  6. No extra charge. I was about to say which sides I wanted but my waiter said “I’ll order you all of the side dishes” and that was fine by me! And this was in anytime dining where I didn’t even know the waiter well. Sweet!
  7. Not sure if anyone responded to this but I've eaten at the Crown Grill several times over several cruises and I can state definitively that it is better than the Keg (which I also enjoy very much BTW). The tenderloin steak (filet mignon? can't recall exactly what they call it at the Crown Grill) is fantastic quality, and it's quite big. I think they call it 7oz on the menu but mine have always been bigger than that, more like 10oz. One of the best steaks I've ever had. The rest of the menu is very good too (French Onion soup is decadent, tasty desserts, etc). I've also ordered a Crown Grill steak in the MDR (for an extra fee but less than the full Crown Grill fee) and it was very good as well, and you can get the side dishes from the Crown Grill as well.
  8. You can use the tap in your stateroom bathroom for drinking water. I'm pretty certain the drinkable water on the ship all comes from the same place, so the water you'd get at the bar (or at dinner!) is the same as the stuff coming from your stateroom tap. Of course if you want ice you need to ask your room steward or just get it at any bar.
  9. This is not always true. We did a 14-day Med cruise this past summer and we booked it as a 14-day (right on the Princess website, no TA) but in reality it was treated as two 7-day cruises B2B by Princess. We got two cruise credits for it and 150 minutes of internet for each 7-day stretch.
  10. In the past we've won Princess-branded: notebooks wine stoppers magnet clips keychain flashlights pens cloth bags Usually the champagne is reserved for winners of the nighttime "Game Shows" rather than day-to-day trivia.
  11. We've always done an inside cabin in Alaska and it's great for sleeping. Then we just use the Promenade deck to see the sights. Since it wraps around the whole ship (caveat: except on Royal-class ships!) you can walk to any side pretty quickly.
  12. I didn't read the whole thread but I do have one comment for you: the weather in Alaska can be pretty volatile, so the nice thing about the Vancouver cruise is that you get two chances to have a nice weather day at each of the ports (other than Whittier of course). So you can plan ahead based on weather forecasts to ensure that you do your excursions on the best of the two days in each port. Or you can do two excursions if there are multiple things you want to do. Also, Glacier Bay is amazing and I would always recommend the cruise which includes it. And take the Skagway train up the gold rush trail, it is incredible (when the weather/visibility is good...)
  13. Really enjoyed your review. Love the selfie in the tuxes! I've always had good experiences in the MDR but I do love the Crown Grill too, we go there at least once per cruise.
  14. Quick question: when was the second formal day? I'm guessing Wednesday?
  15. Just use the medallion as if it is a cruise card. You don't get the fancy features of the smartphone app (ordering drinks, playing games, locating spouses, etc.) but you never had those before with a cruise card anyway.
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