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  1. Hello from Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. It was sunny but cold today, hovering around 0C and below, especially when considering the wind chill. We are watching movies, playing lots of co-operative board games (ironically “Pandemic” is our favourite, but also Forbidden Island and others) and my wife got the recipe for the Toasted Almond Martini which she loves on Princess ships and she’s made herself a couple this past week. We were supposed to be on Sky Princess March 14-21 but we cancelled that on Feb 28. Hang in there everybody!!
  2. While I’m impressed with Princess’s policies around this situation (we cancelled before all of the offers to cancel for free and they still retroactively gave us FCC - without us even asking - which they didn’t have to do) we will be waiting a while to see how this Covid-19 situation shakes out in the world before we set foot on a cruise ship again. If we do cruise again, Princess will be our likely choice because of the FCC they gave us, and we’ve enjoyed all of our Princess cruises up until now.
  3. According to this: http://crew-center.com/caribbean-princess-itinerary there are no more sailings until May. Are you sure it wasn’t just crew on the ship?
  4. We canceled Feb 28 and only got money back on our card on this past Wednesday, so it took about a week and a half. It could get even worse with the volumes they are dealing with now (literally everyone who had a cruise in the next 60 days).
  5. To be clear, they are still flying them all on a charter to an army base in Canada where they will be quarantined for at least 14 days, regardless of symptoms or not.
  6. I believe Canada said they won't fly any people who are exhibiting any symptoms of Covid-19 (if any are in that state). Not sure what will happen to those folks.
  7. Princess is giving them a pretty easy out now that they can get future cruise credit even if they didn’t have insurance.
  8. This disease could possibly mutate into a very deadly form of the virus and because so little is known about it, there is an abundance of caution happening right now. The flu is very well known, 100+ years of medical study. China contained the outbreak relatively well because they shut down travel between cities, shut down movie theaters, stores, etc to contain it. Not seeing any of that in the U.S. yet. Also there could have been a lot more cases that were mild and therefore never tested in China. We’ll never know for sure. And it could very well make a comeback in China yet once people start moving around and congregating again.
  9. Coronavirus is a whole class of viruses. SARS was also a coronavirus. They just used that name at the beginning for this because it didn't have a formal name. Now it is officially called Covid-19 instead of the generic coronavirus name.
  10. If some crew members had it late in the first sailing then that would be an easy way for it to go from one sailing to the next. Or if any passengers were doing back-to-backs. Cleaning the ship only does so much, unless they replace all of the crew and passengers there's a non-zero chance that it could carry over to the next sailing via a person.
  11. I’m very surprised (and disappointed) that Princess hasn’t yet updated their screening to include travel from Korea, Iran, and the affected Northern Italy regions.
  12. Hopefully (like BSE) this will allow you to always choose between two fare levels: a basic fare (which could be reduced by other sales/specials) and a "Princess Plus" fare which will include these 3 perks. That will be a win-win for everyone, and will allow Princess to better compete with other lines.
  13. Even though the infected person just had the flu. Could be a sign of bad things to come for cruisers and cruise lines. If anyone has a fever on board it's pretty easy for port authorities to just say "sorry!" rather than do any due diligence about the situation.
  14. I'm not overly concerned about catching/surviving the virus as my wife and I are healthy younger people (compared to cruise average ages). But getting quarantined in our inside cabin for weeks just because one person got on the ship with the virus would be really bad. That is a lot of time to spend in a tiny windowless box with one person, even someone you love. We've paid our full fare for a mid-March cruise and we're still planning to go at this point but we are keeping a very close watch on the situation. If the outbreaks in Italy/Korea/Iran continue to spread and more pop up around the world we might think twice about going. We still have 3 weeks to decide.
  15. We're on the March 14 Western Caribbean sailing. Our first Royal Class ship after 8 cruises on Grand Class ships. Happy to hear the positive reviews! Was the fitness center open early and could you use the treadmills before 8am? My wife would like to know as she loves to exercise but on the Grand Class ships the treadmills usually weren't available until 8am because there were staterooms right below them. On the Sky it looks like there are no staterooms below the fitness center...
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