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  1. Yea-haw......today Seabourn finally came through with the second of our two cruise refunds, plus our FCDs. It’s been a long road but we’re now square. This was for a 6/27 cruise what Seabourn canceled on 4/16. I really had my doubts that we would see this money and its been a less then pleasant experience dealing with Seabourn. Hang in there everyone still waiting....it could happen !
  2. Finally received a refund for the deposit we put down on a 12/20 cruise. Requested the refund on 3/22. The odd thing is that it hit our card today with a date of May 29. 83 days to refund. I feel lucky to even see the money again. One refund down, one to go for a trip Seabourn canceled. hang in there everyone......
  3. We had a very similar conversation with Seabourn, one of many. We were told one of our refunds was processed on May 28 and that it would be 7-10 days before we see the money. So we waited not-so-patiently until June 11 and called them yet again. We’re were told that our refund was ‘rejected’, implying that we did something wrong. They went on to say it would be processed again this Friday night in a ‘batch run’, whatever that means and it would take another 7-10 days until we see it in our account. No more Mr Nice Guy, I immediately disputed the two refunds that were pending with Chase and canceled our FCDs with Seabourn. We’re right behind you with 83 days.........
  4. I feel your pain. We are at 81 and 56 days for our two refunds. I’ve completely lost my patience with Seabourn and yesterday we filed a dispute with our credit card company. We also asked for our future cruise deposits back. We’ve been round and round with Seabourn and are getting nowhere. Our refunds were VERY simple, no complications. I won’t bore you with all the detail but the number of promises, lies, and inaccuracies we have received from Seabourn is truly sad. Seabourn’s future and viability is not looking good. Seabourn has done a poor job managing this situation and provided no communications except asking us to buy more cruises. I’m done with them. For spreadsheet purposes I’m in the US.
  5. They booked directly with Seabourn, as we did. They did not file a credit card dispute and the refund went directly to their card. They are US based. New news....Talked to Seabourn yesterday and they indicated our refund was processed on May 28. They even confirmed it in an email we received today. No sign of it on our CC however. We shall see........
  6. The same, would have been great fun. So get this, another couple that was traveling with us on the Antarctica trip canceled a few days after we did. They have no status and received their refund, which was also just the deposit, in about 4 weeks. We are Diamond and have been waiting well over 70 days. We also had another trip booked that Seabourn canceled and still waiting on that payment as well. Moral of the story at least for us if we ever book Seabourn again, it will only be one trip at a time and we will certainly limit our financial exposure in airfare, hotels, excursions, etc which can be booked safely anywhere.
  7. Amazing....we canceled our Antarctic cruise scheduled for 12/20/2020 on March 22. We had only put down the initial deposit. It has now been 71 days of silence from Seabourn. Doesn’t seem to be much logic in how they are approaching refunds. Status apparently does not buy you anything.
  8. Read Cruise #2, that would be 60 days.
  9. We had two booked as follows: Cruise 1 - Date: June 27, 2020, Seabourn cancelled on 4/15. 4/16 we asked for refund. Nothing to date. Cruise 2 - Date: Dec 20, 2020, We cancelled on 3/22. Asked for deposit return the same day 3/22. Nothing to date. Spoke to Seabourn today and they said another 3 or 4 weeks and also mentioned something about 60 business days. So far we’ve gotten at least 3 different stories from them on refund timeframes and zero communication via email or anything else. I’m more then a little annoyed. This will forever alter the way I do business with them, if I ever do.
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